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  1. I'll stick my 1.5 cents in here. I have several lifetime licenses I don't use any more. That is just the nature of the beast. You could really simplify your life by just switching to EIS, and drop all the other stuff. Unless you have special cirumcstances as I do EIS and Sandboxie, and you are extremely well protected, with out the hassle. Pete
  2. They are the same essentially. EEK would only be useful to put on something like a USB drive to make it portable.
  3. Ah, your post subject says Emsisoft firewall, and you've posted in the EIS forum.
  4. If I read correctly you are running both OA and EIS. Not surprised there are issues. To get a clean start I'd uninstall both OA and EIS and then do a clean EIS install.
  5. Hi Arthur No I wouldn't be surprised, in fact I probably am one of them. I indeed would be annoyed at getting an email from every vendor telling me I should keep my system up to date. On the other hand I wonder how many of the threads in the Help I am infected thread would be necessary if people did regular backups? Hmmm
  6. Sorry but this is nonsense. You guys just made microsofts case for forcing updates down everyone's throats in win 10. All any company can do is make sure it's software works with an up to date system. Keeping the system is up to date is the user responsibility. Also just how would any company be able to notify every effected user about this. I bet the extra work would almost double the product cost. Just think about what would go into that.
  7. Check above in the thread to be sure you have the two mozilla programs I mentioned allowed. What's going on is maintenanceservice actually runs as a service. When you update Maintenanceservice.exe is called and checks your Firefox status, then it calse Update.exe from the folder you see. That then updates firefox for you. Kinda like scratching your left year with your right hand.
  8. Hi Morningstar You might want to consider removing bitdefender. I just checked and Bitdefender seems to be causing problem with Sandboxie. Also I don't think you need it. I tend to take all the lovely scam emails, which I know are bad and run them against my setup. EAM always is first to shut them down. I do run other security software, but I have found a collection that works well together. What I use is: EIS Sandboxie Appguard ERP (Anti executable Heimdal Pro No conflicts and they work well together. Oh and I am sticking with Win 7 for the foreseeable future. Pete
  9. Two things. 1. You can turn off the "community" 2. Ask your self why it has a bad reputation.
  10. Mozilla has changed the way Firefox updates under the hood In EIS/EAM go to Protection>Application Rules and in the search box put in Mozilla. you should have Firefox,Plugin-Container and Maintenanceservice.exe all set to all allowed. Pete
  11. Sorry it was actually the update between 42.01 and 43
  12. Firefox 43.01 brought a change in how addon's are allowed. There might be an issue there.
  13. Those alerts are strange, as they are from a folder mozila\updated\firefox.exe yet your last picture shows firefox in the correct location. Open the GUI click on protection and under application rules, search for firefox. If the rule is for the correct location, I'd make sure all allowed is for all3 columns If it's for the updated folder, I'd delete it. Then check your machine and see if that folder exists. I don't have one on my win 7 x64 pro system. If it does I'd see if I can figure out why. One other thing totally unrelated. I noticed in your folder listings you have c: local disk and d: local disk. If you ever had to restore an image that could be a disaster. I'd rename them so you have something like c: Primary d: Secondary. That way you can always identify the drives. Pete
  14. Can't answer that. Only thing I use beyond Sandboxie, and Shadowdefender are VMware Workstation VM's and Emsisoft programs work fine in those.
  15. Got very curious about this thread, so I installed EIS. I use NordVPN. No problems at all with updates while using the VPN. Been 24 hours already. Will continue to monitor
  16. Just so everyone knows what it is. When you place Shadow Defender into Shadow Mode all disk operations are written to a separate area of the disk. So when you exit shadow mode any and all changes made to the disk(file system) are dropped and the disk reverts to the state when you were shadowed. It does have a a feature that allows you to save a file that you want to keep changes you have made. An example of use. I was testing a bypass to another program by a piece of Ranswom ware. To test I place my system into shadowmode letting it shadow all threee of my internal disks. I then turned the ransomware loss and indeed there was a bypass, and it merrily encrypted data on all three disks. Pretty bad. But exiting shadow mode with a reboot and all the encrypted files were gone, and the system was fine. As a PS. I had to disable EAM/EIS for this test as they shut the ransomware down. Pete
  17. I would only recommend one Sandboxing program, Sandboxie. I have used it for years, and it works fine with Emsisoft products. When you install it, Sandboxie will detect the presence of Emsisoft products and ask you if you want to enable compatibility settings. You would want to do this. Any questions, feel free to ask. Pete
  18. Hitman Pro Alert and Emsisoft products should reside together on 8.1 just fine. But don't mix HMPA and MBAE, even if they don't conflict they may collide and cause loss of protection
  19. Totally agree, and personally I feel HitmanPro Alert is the stronger of the two. I use it with EAM/EIS and there are no conflicts. Didn't even need any excludes. The subject is however a bit misleading. HMPA is more then AntiRansomware. From my testing with a few ransomware nasties EAM/EIS does a pretty good job itself.
  20. It doesn'thave to be in any specific folder to white list. See if you can browse to it with the whitelisting setup
  21. No limitations in emsisoft licenses. Both products have both engines, period
  22. What difference does it make. All that really matters is EIS/EAM does the advertised job, and it does!!!
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