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  1. Yes.  Everytime you exit sandboxie and delete the sandbox, the command string is unique.  It contains a 16 character string that is unique each time.  That is what the BB is tripping on.  What you need to do is go to Protection>File Guard>Manage Whitelist    Once there click on Type and select Folder.  Then add c:\Program Files\Sandboxie.  That will exclude  sandboxie and the alert will go away.

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  2. Got curious and decided to test Set up: Win 7 x64 EIS latest build set to beta HMPA SBIE ERP As I type, I am in Google Chrome(latest download), Sandboxed with SBIE, and EIS all turn on. So far no problems, other than a minor learning curve


    Forgot  I also have Appguard, running in Lockdown.    Chrome was added and configured in all the software.


    No crashes bsod's etc   Just the decision on whether to keep it.

  3. Same with Opera, recently renewed my licence for another year and I'm seriously disappointed with this update. I mean, c'mon you should have test it before releasing final prodcuct. It's a serious bug, I'm not gonna use crappy old internet explorer which is the only browser that works with Emsisoft IS 11. Sorry, but had to uninstall your software until you fix the issue.


    Not the only browser.   I have no issues with Firefox

  4. Okay.   I've have installed EIS in my host machine.   Pretty much default rules.   My VM processes are all set all allowed.  In my firewall rules, under auto rules, I changed outgoing to ask.    Same thing in the VM machine.     As I type I am in the VM machine.     I can't see it should all that different between the player and workstation.   Also I am not sure I can see it being the EIS fireweall.   Puzzliang.

  5. I am having trouble understanding what your point is.   If the application is setting firewall rules allowing everything trusted, then it shouldn't block anything with VM.  The issue would be if it is blocking something.


    I just turned off my network adapter blocking all internet access and VMworkstation opened and run my Win 7 virtual machine just fine.  I will try installing EIS and see if it makes a difference.

  6. Hi Xopx


    Going back thru the thread I noticed you mentioned the VM's themselves were on a removeable partition.   Does VM player always have access to them.   I asked because I have my VM software on my c; drive and the machines themselves on another internal drive, and if I block access to that drive the VM software gets unhappy.



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