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  1. Why bother. That test is just a test by Comodo to prove Comodo is the best. Kind of reminds me of the silly tests that to get to run you have to disable most of your security and then the test says you failed. I've tested EIS/EAM against real malware and I am protected.
  2. First it not the software, as it works for many people including me without problem. I am sure the support folks will be along to help you, but a bit better attitude would help them help you. Thanks, Pete
  3. Hmm lack of features... I run several different programs besides Emsisoft, and test it against live malware. It is always first to catch it. That is the best feature in my book.
  4. I don't know. All I run is as an administrator
  5. Curious why she isn't happy. Refund will be up to the Emsisoft people.
  6. I think you are fine. Problem normally is when you run simple tests like Gibsons Shields up you are actually testing the router. When I want to test the firewall I do it on my think pad and connect to my Verizon Hot Spot. No router, and EIS tests fine. Your safe. Pete
  7. Hi G_girl. There is a fairly simple solution. Install CCleaner and just use it for cleaning up files. I don't recomment the registry cleaner. This will clean all your temporary files, so the ones left in Windows/temp will be the emsisoft ones. Done, and simple
  8. It is broken, but it should be fixed in the next beta
  9. Hi Bill I installed the trial of MBAM premium, and did a series of what you said to do to reproduce. I had no issues at all. Strange. If you want to eliminate MBAM, uninstall it with two reboots. Disabling still leaves drivers installed. All I can say now is a) you are in good hands with the staff, and b) don't give up on EAM. I am one of those weirdo's who test my setup against real malware, and I can tell you EAM/EIS has always been the first to stop nasties. Pete
  10. Okay, so we are running the same version. My initial attempt produced no problems. So the big difference in our systems, is you run malwarebytes, and I don't, but you don't run the other stuff I run, so I will add malwarebytes, and give it a few tries.
  11. Hi Bill Can you tell me the exact steps to take to try and reproduce what you are seeing. Also what version of EAM are you running. Pete
  12. Hmm. Something was blocking the driver install. Not sure what, could have even been Win 10. Any glad you got it working.
  13. Try re installing EIS. Also you might want to do yourself a favor and turn off Cortana.
  14. I've installed the hotfix on my 3 windows 7 machines, 1 VM, and 3 other machines I help take care of. Not a single issue. But one of the machines in which we delayed the hot fix was having daily crashes. None since the hot fix.
  15. Lets see what the staff says, but if nothing, PM me as I have an idea that might help. Pete
  16. Can you list any and all security software you have on this laptop. Sounds like a major issue.
  17. I do use other software, but yes if you are not doing anything high risk, EIS, does a great job. I frequently test my setup against real malware in a virtual machine, and EIS is always the first to catch anything, so I don't think you would need or want to run another AV. Note this is my personal opinion and not an offical Emsisoft statement. Pete
  18. I run EIS,SBIE,Appguard,HMPA, and now Heimdal. All runs smoothly with no machine load on Win 7x64 Pete
  19. Hi Riker To answer your question, I've tried it, and like the concept. There is no conflict with anything else I am running. I ended up buying a family pack license. It isn't a replacement for Secunia, and it does more then DNScrypt. Give it a whirl. Pete
  20. Considering how many temp files that are created that don't go away, why is this such a big deal?
  21. Hi John I am sure support will be along to help, but trust it has been tested. I've been running EIS in Windows 10 since the Insider preview build 9926. I have it running in a VM machine running the production build and I also have it in another image of my system that is now on Win 10 Insider Preview Build 10525. So yes it's been tested. You have a particular issue which support will help you isolate. Pete
  22. Hi Fax I would say it's not EIS. As I type, I am connected to the web from Wash DC using NordVPN, via a server in Austria. I am using Firefox 40.02, EIS build 5641, SBIE 5.01.10, with no issues. No problem connecting, staying connected, etc. My other security software, includes Appguard, and HMPA. I am on Windows 10 x64 Build 10525 which is an insder preview build. Pete
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