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  1. ROFL. You asked a logical question, and I realized what I was going to answer made no sense, so I decided to go back and look. Turns out both my wireless connections, both to the router and the hotspot are indeed Private Networks, as they both are encrypted. Sorry for the confusion. Pete
  2. I am afraid it's the something else. I just don't want another cable lying around. High tech reason, eh?
  3. I have a setup where I have two desktops, that are wired into the router. I make that network Private I also have wifi on it for a laptop, and that is public. Finally I have a version hotstop where the computer connection to it is secured, and from there into the cell phone system. That also is public Pete
  4. Jeremy, there is an old texas adage. No matter how much you kick a dead horse it ain't getting up.
  5. Fabian, am I correct that these files are purged and recreated on reboot. If so I just don't see it as a big deal.
  6. I've also seen it. Try uninstalling and reinstalling. It's a Windows 10 thing
  7. Do you guys have this problem if you don't use sleep, but instead turn off the computer
  8. I have had no problems with EIS on Win 10. On the other hand Win 10.....
  9. You keep asking the same question and getting the same answer. I would suggest putting it to rest and relax. You are protected.
  10. Hi pallino I think you can rest easy. If you are on Wilders you have an idea of my setup. I've done quite a bit of playing with malware that people try and foist on me and inevitably the first one to catch it is EIS. You are in good hands, with EMSISOFT!! Pete
  11. Fabian, Appguard, does provide fileless infections to a degree in that it has what they call Memory guard. It prevents an application from reading or writing to another applications memory. I've tested it and it does work
  12. I also have Macrium, and have never looked at Rebit. Looks interesting. But I suspect that the offer is the offer.
  13. I just did a clean install of EIS Build 5532 in my Win 10 setup which is Build 10162 and it is working fine. So it is possible. Build Win 10 10162 did break a lot of stuff for me, so beware. Pete
  14. Curious what other security software you are running. We are running the same OS. Something is way different in our setups. Pete PS if you get online, don't send the FRST report to me, send it to GT500
  15. Hi 100PIER I hear you, but not everyone is having an issue. I for one am not. But in any case my point to Jerky is if Emsisoft isn't seeing the problem, then the only way they can fix it is if you guys get them the info. I know, I've been there. I would submit a ticket, and then get support the info they need. Then the Dev's can see what is going on. Cheers, Pete
  16. Jerky there is nothing wrong with the update here. And it doesn't matter if another user has the same problem. You need to get them what they asked for or it will not be fixed.
  17. You can't select what will be installed or when. In win 10 pro all you can do is defer reboot. It's a prolem when you are working, and an update comes along, and bsod's on your sytem in the middle of something. Any way fore warned is fore armed.
  18. Hi twl845 I haven't seen a win 10 compatible version of IR yet. Also be sure you understand the way win 10 does windows updates, before you jump. Pete
  19. Jerky, you need to be careful about the advice you dispense. I have a clean computer but still Outpost won't install. I don't care, but it's not because of the infection. You need to stand down and let the Emsisoft employees take over.
  20. I don't believe their is an option to renew. If you need a bit more time to evaluate, they will probably extend it, but normally the trial is a one time shot, and then you either buy or use it as the free version which is limiited
  21. Hi Offline Sword Would you be willing to let me test your application and see what I can see. I have been running SBIE for years, and have never had an issue between SBIE and EIS. Also I have tested them against real malware, and the protection is rock solid. Pete
  22. I think the problem is the way you are using sandboxie, and your expections there of. If your application is that critical, get the sandbox back on c:, install the application out of sandboxie and run it sandboxed.
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