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  1. Peter2150 - is the reason for the laptop, used at home on your own network albeit by wifi, being classed as a public network, that you (like I'm doing) want that machine to behave the same way when you use it elsewhere, or is it because you don't trust the security of your home wifi network?   Or that you wonder if someone else could make a connection via wifi to your laptop even when it's in use at home?  Or something else?


    I am afraid it's the something else.   I just don't want another cable lying around.  High tech reason, eh?

  2. Why should someone need/want to use Emsi with other AV?

    The day Emsi will have a anti-exploit users will have no reason to install other solutions....and if this will not allow to run Emsi alongside other AV, probably, even better...or? :-)


    You keep asking the same question and getting the same answer.  I would suggest putting it to rest and relax.  You are protected.

  3. Fabian thank you for the clear answer!

    Peter, thank you for the input...I saw your point/ the discussion on wilders, that s why I checked here if Emsi Am/ Is protected from this threat or if addition tools were needed/ suggested.

    I hope Emsi will find a way to protect from file-less infections one day!


    Hi pallino


    I think you can rest easy.  If you are on Wilders you have an idea of my setup.   I've done quite a bit of playing with malware that people try and foist on me and inevitably the first one to catch it is EIS.   You are in good hands, with EMSISOFT!!



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  4. Peter2150.

    This is an issue with 5514.

    Coming back to 5409 fix it in any case.

    If you want to use 5514 , you have to uninstall EMSISOFT Network Filter SERVICE..

    I got the same issue on all my PCs (W7 x64 SP1).


    Hi 100PIER


    I hear you, but not everyone is having an issue.  I for one am not.  But in any case my point to Jerky is if Emsisoft isn't seeing the problem, then the only way they can fix it is if you guys get them the info.  I know, I've been there.


    I would submit a ticket, and then get support the info they need.  Then the Dev's can see what is going on.





  5. Thanks Fabian for the advice.  If I go ahead with the WIN 10 upgrade process over time, I will do it on a snapshot of my Raxco Instant Recovery so if it doesn't work out I can revert to my present Primary snapshot with WIN7. 



    Hi twl845


    I haven't seen a win 10 compatible version of IR yet.  Also be sure you understand the way win 10 does windows updates, before you jump.



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