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  1. If you have the Pro version of either Win 7 or Win 8 you do get the option to decide when to install Win updates.


    But you don't with Win Home Premium versions.




    please see here




    The only  option is to delay reboot.  I updated my desktop install from 10074 to 10130.   There are 3 processes.  1) Download, 2 "Preparing for install"  and 3) Rebooting when the actual install takes place       The only control you have is delaying the reboot, none over the first 2.    So you work away with these going on in the background..    I had 1 BSOD on the download and during the "preparing" phase I had 2 BSOD's.    The install appeared okay, but so much didn't work, I don't know.  Well done Microsoft.


    Hey Fabian.  Think  you guys could write an operating system?

  2. Which KB is it Peter? I know there was one I didn't allow but there must be another I missed. Did the Windows icon go away?



    It is KB3035583,  and yes it went away.    After today, there will be no Win 10 in my future until they make one significant change.  That is they allow you to set windows updates as they are now.   In the current 10 there is no turning it off, and I had an update in the middle of work.  That is unacceptable.

  3. hardik587, can you please provide us with instructions on how to see the false-positives on a freshly installed Windows 7 or 8 so everyone can verify it for themselves?

    By instructions I mean something like this:

    1. install Windows 7 or 8 with default settings
    2. update Windows through Windows Update
    3. restart
    4. install and update EAM/EIS
    5. restart
    6. start a Malware Scan
    7. get false-positives

    To quote yourself:


    Candidly I don't see the point of wasting the time on this test.   Scanning my system I've never found anything, EIS always stop malware i've tested agains, Fabian system it's a bad idea and I agree, and he has state there won't be a change.   That makes this one big waste of time.

  4. I don't believe EIS has specific exploit protection like say HitmanPro Alert, HOWEVER,  whenever I run real malware against my setup which includes EIS,Appguard, and HitmanPro Alert, I always have to shut down EIS first, because it always stops the malware before it reaches the others.


    So my final word  on this is - relax you are safe.



  5.      Thanks so much Alexstrasza!  I know as I was writing about the different versions, I began to remember reading something about the number 86 being for 32-Bit once.  I also was wondering if anybody had more info about the actual hotfix itself (what it actually does and is it safe) as there is a generic warning about it possibly causing computer instability and/or problems.  This makes me reluctant to install as I do not need any headaches as my computer is working relatively good, and I don't need any unnecessary issues developing because of this hotfix installation <_<



    It is safe.  I have it on all my computers.  As an aside you should do backup imaging.  That way if any update causes problems you can simply undo them.

  6. ROFL.  Good one Digmor.  But actually I don't do that.  One thing that is a biggie for me is I have to trust the vendor, and I also wouldn't trust McAfee.  Also I consider that I have client financial info on my machines, so I try to leave nothing to chance.  What I run along side EIS is:


    Appguard.  It makes no attempt to classify software as good or bad, but just  blocks or allows things based on policy.   It is very effective


    NVT ERP.    Classic anti executible with some excellent twists for both useablity and protection


    Sandboxie.    Simply wouldn't browse without it.


    ShadowDefender.    When I need to test something nasty and on my desktop, I shadow all 3 drives.


    Hitman PRo Alert.   Mitigation protection, but also features that are unique


    Couple of points.  1) amazingly all this works together without any drag on the computer.  2) I don't rely on scanning as much as does the software stop real maleware  3) If one of the programs requires a decision, am I still protected if I make a mistake.


    Oh one last thing.  The real key to protection is backup backup backup especially since I do a lot of beta testing.



  7. Hi Lode


    I don't know if you know it, but I had OA firewall on my computer when it was just proto type code.  I was with OA until it came to Emsisoft.  I fought the transition tooth and nail, and hated loosing my traffic LED.  But then I tried EIS to consider testing it.  Now I would never turn back if I could.


    You might one or two little things missing in EIS, but I can tell  you without doubt, EIS is a much better product in terns of the level of protection.  It really is the best.



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