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  1. I also run some of the above mentioned software.  My security starts with EIS, followed by SBIE, Appguard NVT's ERP and Hitman Pro.Alert.  I use VMware Workstation v11 for malware testing among other things.


    I post this for one reason and it is a most noteable reason: To test any of the other software against malware, I always 1st have to disable EIS.  Well done Emsisoft.



  2. I'll tell you why I run Appguard along with EIS.   When EIS BB throws up an alert I have to make a decision.  I always assume I will make the wrong decision, even though that isn't true.   So if I make a mistake with EIS, Appguard will still block automatically and protect me.



  3. Did EIS stop it by signature or behavior blocker?



    I was one of the people who tested HMPA with EIS.   EIS first stopped with signature.  Turning off FIle Guard, the the BB blocked it.  I run more then EIS, because I have client financial info on my home computers, but from the testing I've done, the average home user in particular would do well with EIS alone.



  4. looks like i got you confused . sure it ll be easy if you use FB. and i c no reason to be confused abt tht . anyway. i m editing it for you........wait a sec.where is the EDIT botton above the replies? <_<


    Try reposting it with normal text.   i c isn't english, I see   is english    equally so, abt tht.   No way any one is going to try an interpret that.

  5. Hi hjlbx


    I think you are making things unnecessarily complicated for yourself.  I don't use the opinion of others (AMN) to make decisions for me nor do I rely on certificates.  If I trust the vendor, and EIS doesn't alert when I download, I just go ahead and install it..  On some free stuff I might watch for certain exe's trying to install such as anything open candy, 


    If I don't trust the vendor or know him, I have to ask why I am installing, and my try it in a VM first.



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