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  1. Hello Peter,


    What troubling me is not the windows firewall or the EIS firewall, i am using some tools in combination with windows firewall which have protected me for so long without causing me any trouble. Now, if i opt for EIS firewall, i have to forego all those tools and totally depend on EIS firewall.




    Hi Scorpion


    Have you considered EAM and your firewall?



  2. HI Scorpion


    I don't know on the firewall issue.  I'd wait for the support guys on that.   On the returnil thing, I can see that happening.  I currently use ShadowDefender on occastion, and I don't know what would happen.  One solution depending on how long you are in Returnils "shadow" configuration, might be when you go there turn off updates.  Once you boot out  it will reset.  The other option is leave it on, do your work, and then turn it off prior to reboot.


    I've never seen the issue with Shadow Defender, but I don't  know if that was by design or chance.



  3. In a way this all makes me chuckle.   First for the typical home user I agree with Fabian's assesment 1000%.  I run other security software, because I am not a typical home user.  I run my business on my computers, keep no paper records at all, have client financial information on these computers.  Since my business is already a trust business, I feel obligated to close any and all holes, even if the probably of attack is near zero.   Also a bit of research can be enlightening.  Two examples


    1.  When the Bromium folks published their "work" they claimed to show how kernel exploits could undermine sandboxes, and almost every piece of software out there except of course theirs.  And of course it's only sold to businesses.  Well this kicked off a firestorm of OMG's, what do I do now stuff.  FInally I did a bit of reseach on kernel expolits.  Turned out better then 85% of the hits were bromium posts, the a bunch on kernel exploits in Linux, and finally a few pointing out how hard it was to write kernel exploits.  I now consider it marketing.


    2.  Then there was the dequ epside and again people were wringing there hands.  Once I realized it came via word docs, I yawned.  EIS, plus most of my other software would have stopped it.  But then a bit of reseach pointed out, it only targeted command and control facilities, and all but two of the attacks were all in one country.  Would the typical  user of EIS/EAM be a target?  I don't think so, so Fabian's conclusions are spot on.



  4. Hot fixes don't automatically seem to make it to windows update.    I have installed it on all my machines and it solves a problem, and if there is no problem it doesn't do any harm.


    Also don't assume  being on windows updates means full testing.  With the updates problems that for sure isn't true.  Simple solution which you should do anyway.  Back up your system, and then try it.



  5. ROFL.  Yeah the dinner date is the best solution.    And yep rule 3 is appropriate.


    Gee having your computer cry  when it detects malware is almost laughable.   Funny thing is when I accept the "suite" concept with EIS, I started looking at other suites out there.  I found a) I didn't like them, and b) they weren't as effective.  Emsisoft reigns as far as I am concerned.



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