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  1. I am afraid I consider these tests a waste of time. First they are tests designed by a software author who writes their own software. Second the problem with these tests is you have to allow stuff to run, that you normally might not, so it's no surprise if something fails. I looked at the test sight, and the first thing is you run it from the desktop. To do this I would have to disable Appguard, which blocks stuff from running on the desktop. So I have to disable security to test security. Makes no sense.

    I've tested OA against a lot of live malware, and it does it's job. That to me is all that matters.


  2. Answers in order:

    Upgrade install.

    So kept all settings. That's the whole idea!

    A complete uninstall/reinstall means starting from scratch - yuk. OA has enough trouble remembering what its got now without a deliberate cleanout....

    Unlikely old software is an issue, I replaced Zone Alarm with OA v3 a long time ago, AVG with Avira about 2 years ago and did thourough removal of both old software.

    Hi res

    I am on XP SP3 and I don't see any issue. Clearly there is an issue on your machine. We all know it is more work to completely uninstall and resinstall, but that eliminates the possiblity of a problem in the installation. It is of course totally up to you, but when people sugggest you do something from their experience, it might be wiser to give it a try.


  3. I am looking to have the general (non firewall) HIPS on learn mode while still retaining control over network access (firewall). With Comodo (which I have been using) I can put the defense+ (HIPS) into a learn mode and keep my firewall side on its normal setting so I can let the HIPS learn everything and then still have warnings from the firewall.

    Firewall alerts are not as intrusive as HIPS alerts, so I am looking to separate the control so I can just leave my HIPS in learn mode. I am a very safe user and intend to disable learn mode when I want to do something I am unsure of only but keep my firewall under control.

    Is this possible? If it is not possible, could this be added in a future version?


    If your intention is to leave HIPS in learning mode indefinitely, you aren't using it so why not disable it completely. You do this by right clicking the systray Icon, and select disable HIPS. Note you will have to reboot.


  4. OnlineArmor has an irritating issue. After installed, I double clicked an MP3 file to play it in Winamp. After that, I had to click "allow" 113 times! No kidding! Each single module loaded by Winamp needed an explicit confirmation. Winamp is a very known and classic application to deserve this treatment. In fact, no application (or user) should need to do this. Please, make your software a little smarter and user friendly.

    Thank you.

    Did you trust winamp. If you had then that would have been that.


  5. Please don't get me wrong, but there is a reason why software is updated, so I don't see any sense in complaining about flaws of version 4.5x; This support forum is for users with problems so it isn't a wrong step to write your problems here, when you look to other threads you will see that there are always EMSI employees around who try to help. ;)

    Version 5 is much faster and I don't feel any impact on my system, neither on my i5, nor on my [email protected]

    So the 1. thing I would recommend is that you always use the newest version of a program.

    And 2.:

    Maybe you should try a behaviour blocker like Mamutu. Because a HIPS is a HIPS and will always have it's flaws, if this would be the perfect security solution then Microsoft would have implemented it already, don't you think? :)

    I don't know any HIPS that doesn't has problems with certain programs, look at other forums where ppl complain about similar problems.

    There are million apps out there and with every update sth important can change that will need a user's input.

    If this kind of security software is too anoying to anyone he/she maybe should change his/her security policy.

    @VLC problem:

    VLC is one of the most used video players out there so it is also one of the beloved targets of malware writers and there have been a lot of leaks in the last years:


    So IMHO it isn't that bad that OA is a little too "sharp" on such things. :)

    I have to disagree. Not remembering decisions isn't being sharp it's flawed. I've run OA even latest versions side by side with Malware Defender which is much "sharper" as you put it the Online Armor as it is a purer HIPS. I tell both programs to remember something and MD does and OA doesn't always remember in an unpredictable way. This is not sharper but flawed programing, and EMSI is aware and is to do something about it.


  6. I have unknown trust level set to few of the programs but i think they are no where related to Excel 2010. Please find the attached screenshot.

    Note: This happens to both .xls and .xlsx format as i was wrong in the first post.



    I suspect the problem lies in your assumption that they aren't related to excel. Not true. I just looked on my setup using Excel 2010 and MSVBM60.DLL is in fact in use by Excel when it is running. I would either trust that stuff you showed, and if you don't trust it, why is it on your computer?


  7. well actually, i was testing out other firewalls, and no i didnt install them all at the same time, i tried one for a few weeks then uninstalled it and tried another. Im currently using the vista firewall since i cant get Online Armor to start.

    Hi Castayr

    The registry defragger is probably the culprit. Generally these programs do very little good, and screw things up on the computer. I would completely uninstall Online Armor and then do a from scratch install. If it works you are fortunate. If not, you may have a big problem as there is no telling what else is messed up. Get rid of that registry defragger, it's hurting you.


  8. Thanks a lot stapp, and thanks to Nick and Nani.

    Hi Jose

    In terms of recent builds, I see no conflict between Sandboxie and OA. However I see two major differences in your setup. One is Avast, the other is Win7 X64 whereas I am using XP. Here is what I would suggest you do.

    1. Download the latest Sandboxie beta, and upgrade to that.

    2. Completely uninstall both Online Armor and Avast.

    3. Do a trusted install of Online Armor, and make sure indeed everything you run is trusted. This way you have eliminated Avast from the equation.

    4. If there is a problem at this point, then there may be a conflict with OA and Sandboxie under X64

    5 If everything is okay at this point, reinstall Avast and see what happens. If there is now a problem, you have a clue as to where it lies.

    6. I wish you good luck as I know what a pain this is.


  9. Hi Malik

    Google is your friend.

    Found using Google: HIPS

    The only way anyone could explain it in any more detail would probably be totally confusing to you, because it gets into understanding things like the Kernel, API's etc.

    The main thing I can tell you is a) I know the tester on Wilders and he knows what he's doing, and B) OA works.


  10. I see the point. However, it's misleading that the "A" in the "Allow" and the "B" in the "Block" buttons are underlined, giving the implression that there is direct keyboard access available.

    The underlining may be a bit confusing, but I've never seen any security program requiring answering a pop up allow you to do it by keyboard. It would a recipe for disaster. As a Microsoft Outlook user, I have spent hours after accidentally hitting a key trying to figure out what I did, and how to fix it.

    If any security program I am using added the feature, I'd rip it off my system so fast...


  11. I made an inquiry on another forum about this, and the answer made a lot of sense.

    1. Good analogy. Measure temperature with 3 different thermometers and you will likely get 3 different measurements. Problem is accuracy of calibration, plus precision of the measuring instrument.

    2. Timing in measurement of the various software.

    3. If the software that is measuring is running at the same time, they might be interfering with each other and affecting the measurement results.

    Bottom line, as concluded, it's not a worry.


  12. There is no sense in arguing any longer, it doesn't achieve anything. The fact is, thatis a blatant lie and limande, I and I'm sure many others need to find another piece of software if we want to replace the functionality that has been removed from OA.

    So, does anyone have any suggestions for software that can provide these functions? (Automatic deletion of cookies after use, the ability to detect and remove IE add-ons and (most importantly, from a security standpoint) automatic, inline blocking of all ActiveX and Java, with the ability to run any individual object at the press of a button.)

    Thank you for any ideas.

    You are right there isn't much point in arguing. Catprincess was relating the explanation we were given, and telling her it's a blatant lie is just plain rude.

    Secondly, you certainly are free to find other software if you wish, but that isn't a discussion appropriate for a support forum. There are other forums you can visit to make that inquiry.


  13. Please could I have a definitive answer to this one. Is OA simply misreporting, or is it a more serious problem?



    Hi Tim

    Couple of things on this.

    1. Although OA and EAM are now published by the same company, it didn't start that way, and the development teams working on each product are essentially the same as when the products were started.

    2. I've got three different pieces of software, that measure download speed and total kb download, and there is no agreement among them. Why? I don't have a clue, and frankly since I've never seen a problem, I don't

    consider it a biggie worth my time to try and figure it out.

    3. Is one of the two programs misreporting.. I don't know. Is it a problem? Well have you seen an issue that makes you think it a problem, another words if you hadn't seen the numbers would you even know.

    4. My personal feeling is that it not only isn't a serious problem, but not a problem worth worrying about.

    5 Hopefully someone can give you a specific answer. I know I can't


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