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  1. 45 minutes ago, Frank H said:

    i believe these temp files seems to be Bitdefender related and is not to worry about. This is not new behavior.


    This could happen when no updates are available, which happens so now and then

     May not be a worry  but it is a real PIA for me as it seems to be some what random, but it triggers mzwritescanner which is a pain.   Okay now that I know I have to figure out how to whitelist it.

  2. Hi Frank

    Spoke to soon.  Only change I am seeing is now if I kill trusted installed.  Honestly I am kind of disappointed in that there could have  been a much better solution.  Let me give you an example.

    1.  Test for a special file in the emsisoft area.

    2. If it is not there then run the scan first alerting the user you are going to do so and that it's a one time thing

    3. If the KB is present generate the file I mentioned above.  If the KB isn't there either download the KB for the user or at least give him a link.

    4. If the special file is there your done.  The special file doesn't have do contain anything.



  3. Hi Frank

    I am seeing the notice every morning on the other machine, but that doesn't get rebooted often so it's not as much of a bother.   Let me know if you need somthing tested before release.



  4. Hi Frank

    It's far from all fine.   I waa seeing a strange artifact on reboot.  System brought to a halt by very heavy disk activity that last almost a minute plus.  Turns out it was trustedinstaller.exe and it was scrolling thru all the install KB's.   When I killed it I then got the EAM compatibility alert.  Using autoruns i blocked all the EAM components from loading at boot and now all is well.



  5. I saw something strange on one machine.  Am watching.   I got a pop up saying I need to install a windows update for compatibility.  I checked in windows update and didn't see the kb mentioned  but I brought the machine current.  Got the popup again so this time so this time I downloaded the KB from the catalog.   WHen I went to install it I got a message that this machine didn't need that update.   Hmm

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