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  1. Thanks judson. I'm relieved someone understands.

    If one comes to a program forum and points what he considers to be wrong it's because he cares about the program.

    If I wanted to chat for the sake of chat I would go to Wilders.

    I am sorry guy's but I don't buy this. A subject like that to draw attention isn't about caring about the program, it's about getting attention and I feel it's the wrong way. Why. Consider someone who isn't familiar with Online Armor and just purchased it. Then they come to the forum and see this subject, and it really scares them. They didn't realize it wasn't a serious threat, but just a user trying to draw attention to his problem. This isn't caring about Online Armor.

    If you don't feel a situation is getting proper attention, and yes that can happen, then either post in the private forums if you have access or PM Fabian. But posting a subject implying something that isn't true just doesn't strike me as the way to go.


  2. Hi Peter.

    With all respect I think your totally wrong about Spyshelter.

    P.S. I'm not sure if posting the above link somehow violates Forum Policy, or is considered off topic. If so please erase the whole post.



    Didn't see anything that changed my mind. I don't need a keylogger at that price, or at all actually, and frankly from what I saw I sure wouldn't recommend anyone consider it a replacement for Online Armor.


  3. Jose, sorry to hear about all your problems, I have found OA (in the most recent incarnation as well as the last), to be working swimmingly on my XP SP 3 system.

    A couple of comments about some alternative programs (without going too far afield or bashing any product).

    I tried SpyShelter a couple of times when I had some issues with oasrv.exe using up lots of CPU. (That has since stopped and it's been months without the issue.)

    SpyShelter's HIPS was all over the place in terms of how and what it allowed and blocked and left me feeling a bit less than secure about its own methodologies (let alone whitelist).

    Additionally, two separate times it was installed on my system it disabled my keyboard. (Thankfully I was able to navigate via "mouse" to uninstall and get the system back on track.)

    Zemana...I tested this one but found that when it was paired with another firewall (with the firewall's HIPS disabled) it wouldn't consistently pass any of the various keylogger tests I use to test security programs with, even its own.

    Other than OA, I felt most comfortable with PrivateFirewall...and though I think it's a good program I left it to come back to OA because OA is much more feature rich overall and much better in my tests against loggers and various other threats. Plus the alerts are much more specific and comprehensible. (I emailed Greg Salvato about some of the areas where PF could improve. Still, I think it's a fine product.)

    Lastly, though I can certainly understand your frustration if OA isn't currently working for you as you feel it should, I feel that you have been unfairly critical, a bit rude in your posts and have generalized your personal issues with the program into universal truths.

    This simply is not the case. I'm sure that there are many, many more users out there (besides myself) who have found this program to be just what the doctor ordered (even if not "perfect"). I get the very rare alert/pop-up...otherwise the program is quiet. And I have tested it against the keylogger tests successfully. So...perhaps the universal statements you have made do not quite rise to that level.

    When I was disillusioned with my oasrv.exe issues I was frustrated and disappointed that I had to uninstall the program for a few months. Nonetheless, I was always happy with catprincess and the willingness to help I received from her and other members like Pete. I also told them I looked forward to coming back as soon as possible and now have been able to do that for the last few months.

    I guess the ultimate point of all this rambling is not to generalize your own personal experience and to be willing to meet those trying to help you half way.

    Hi Guys

    First, thanks Blues, glad I could help. As I am sure Alex_S could attest, I've complained about certain issues myself, but overall the latest versions have been looking good. To be honest, I've disabled keylogger protection, as it is inherently annoying as it monitors behavior, and thus false positives. I have other protection for that.

    As to SpyShelter, I did look out of curiosity, and when I see phrases like "special algorithms" it makes me laugh. My BS detector goes on full alert. Then I downloaded their antileak test. Another joke. I think I've seen that before. Dumb thing is to get it to run I have to allow it in two programs. Then once it runs it tells me I am not protected. Not for me, thank you.


    Oh and I do think the thread title was way over the top.

  4. Micheal I can see no way in which ctrlaltdelete has tried to belittle or demean you.

    I can only assume your lack of manners is because of your frustration in trying to use the program.

    When you do the wizard are you trying to set up how you want them to run from within the wizard?

    Are you rebooting into learning mode after the wizard? (because that is when you can set up all your settings as you want them)

    It seems quite logical to me that if you have made a bit of a screw up with your upgrade it may indeed be best do a clean install.

    You are aware that you could have saved all your settings in 4.5 and restored them in version 5?

    To add to what Stapp said, posting as you last did, doesn't provide a strong incentive for the volunteers here to help you. It could be your question was misunderstood as the answer lies right in the help file.

    Wizard – This section scans your system to identify any Trusted or Not-Trusted programs possible. Any sections of the Safety Check Wizard that can be automatically configured using the Trusted programs list will be shown here as "Passed". Any areas listed as "Needs Attention" contain programs that are Unknown and need your approval to allow or block these Unknown programs so that you are not alerted the next time they try to run.

    The bold underline is mine.

    So the answer to your question, is all the options aren't there.

    Remember this is set for the average user. So your best bet might be to run the trusted install, and then go back and change the few programs you want to change. Either way you do it you will have to manually configure programs you want to customize.


  5. I read a lengthy description of Drop My Rights which speaks of THREE types of limited user settings:

    Normal (N): lets some viruses by in testing.

    Constrained ©: recommended setting and no viruses got by an unprotected system

    Untrusted (U)

    What level is OA "Run Safer"? I keep telling people to avoid the hassles of Drop My Rights by going with OA but this question came up.

    I'd put the link to the N versus C versus U here if any one wants it (it comes from a rival vendor though).

    Hi JJB2011

    First you might check out this article. It suggests OA Run safer as an alternative to Drop My Rights. While I can't answer the specific's of your question, I can tell you from testing I did a while back, it will pretty much protect you from most stuff out there, UNLESS, the malware doesn't need admin privilege. In that case non of the type programs will help.


  6. While I have never seen a build that showed this build number in the GUI, I do however remember that every single paying OA customer was autoupdated with several OA components that was exactly build

    Everybody that have installed latest official release AND pressed "Check for updates" can confirm this.


    Thanks Martin. I was just curious, as there is no record of it. Appreciate the info.


  7. As stated in the original post:

    OA Premium version That is not an error.

    Also as stated originally, resetting the program component status to Allowed and Trusted fails to carry through if the system is rebooted and therefore does not resolve the problem. That observation is reproducible.

    Curious as to where you got this version, as the last release is indeed

  8. Hi Peter,

    Can you tell me what kind of log they need, and how to get those logs? Should I enable Debug mode or something like that?

    My regards,


    Hi Tyler

    Yes, turn on the debug mode, and turn on all the log categories. Note this isn't the firewall logs. Also try and capture, the problem and then turn off the logs. They grow quite large quickly. I believe then they should be sent to [email protected] attention Alex_S. If you are successful, let me know. Good Luck.


  9. Hi Peter,

    Thank you for your reply. It just happened again in my Virtualbox. So it's been three times. It's really weired. At least we've figured out that you are not the unique one ;) . Hope Dev team can dig into it.

    My regards,


    Tyler, if you can force it, and capture it on logs that would be great. I've not been able to do this, and candidly, without it the dev's won't do a thing.


  10. Hi people,

    Firstly I'd like to say merry Christmas to you all.

    Here is the thing. When I turned on my PC this morning, OA++ itself went into Learning mode automatically. This situation just like the first time I finished the installation of OA++ on my PC. But I've been using OA++ for 2 days since I reinstalled it. So it's kind of weired. I wonder that if it has something to do with the autobackup within Backup/Restore, 'cause I made a backup of the settings the first time I was installing OA++, and I let the autobackup enabled. I'd like to hear some possibilities or does anyone have been experienced such a situation?

    BTW, my OS. - xp sp3

    Best regards,


    Oh yes indeed. It is random, and I've yet to figure out a pattern, which makes it hard to get logs. Dev's can't reproduce it so it is being treated as a unique to me problem, and not being worked on.


  11. Some say it's overkill to do that for some applications (like music players), but i do that anyway ;) Only problem you can encounter is the fact, that some auto-update functions may not work properly, since with Run Safer activated, application have no install rights.

    I do exactly the same thing. All browsers, Outlook, and Windows Media player all run "Run Safer".


  12. Assuming that the test is testing OA, and not running into something else first (some ISP's close ports and so this traffic would never get to OA), OA should stealth you by default, unless you have rules that are opening ports to incoming traffic. Are the ports that you don't pass the test on, corresponding to ones that a program rule opens inbound access for?

    OA will not stealth port 0, never has, but at least in the premium versions, that is easy to fix. Don't know about free.

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