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  1. I just put 1903 on VM. No EAM issues either
  2. USB keys can be made bootable. I'can't list all the steps off the top of my head, but if you google it you will find instructions.
  3. Be patient. Problem is with firefox. It is disabline all add ons.They are already testing a fix
  4. Auto updated. Very smooth
  5. Just got it. All seems well here on Win 7 x64 Pro
  6. Fabian, what you explained is exactly why I trust EMSIsoft and not the tests.
  7. Auto updated here. No issues. I do agree with Stapp
  8. Just got it. No issues.
  9. Just got this update. What is in it?
  10. Personally I think following the tests is a waste of time. If you are really concerned then you will need to make the effort to do your own testing. that is what I did. Also the tests don't tell you a thing about the nature of the company. I will stick with Emsisoft because I think it's the best
  11. Hi Frank Had to take a break. First with a few minor personal issues, and then a couple of major computer issues. All is well and I am back. Pete
  12. Updated silently with no issues
  13. Bottom line. My EAM is happy and I am happy,
  14. Could be, but at this point I can't duplicate it.
  15. Hi guy Yes you found the joy Click to Run. I use a music service that went to that approach. I use Appguard and I always have to turn it off to start the service as it uses Rundll32 to kick things off. When EAM quarantined it it redownloaded another copy and by then EAM figured out it was a false positive. It may have faked out the delete button because it's a non standard file in a non standard location. The new download has not been bothered. This is why I just wanted to clean it out. I didn't see it as an EAM problem, but an artifact of MS. Pete
  16. Hi Jeremy Click to run doesn't install normally. It allows a software author to do updates. The program starts with a DLL kicking it off. All runs out of Appdata. Was a terrible idea.
  17. Ah, thanks Arthur. I didn't think of that. Also thanks to Jeremy for the assist. Pete
  18. Problem solved. Can't delete the quarante[ine in windows, so I booted to a winpre 10 RE and deleted it that way. It's gone
  19. No it didn't. Probably a different file. Typical for click to run
  20. Theere is an object listed,, but no options to delete or unquarintine. Note the object is from a click to run installation, and when it was quarantined the program re downloaded it
  21. Okay Thanks. That is not what I am seeing in this case
  22. I saw no option to either delete or un quarantine
  23. Thanks Jeremy. I'll try that. No option to just delete the thing though
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