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  1. I've got a strange issue. I had an objected quarantined, and it's now driving me nuts. I keep getting a pop up that makes no sense. It says "After re-scanning the quarantined objects with the updated sign. were previously falsly detected (false positives). Do you want to now?" It then lists the object quarantined. Do I want to what?? How do I get rid of this. No option to delete or anything>
  2. Bill You made a good choice. Both the for the product and the people. Pete
  3. Shut down looked good here. Well done.
  4. Upgrade was smooth. Will test shutdown and report
  5. I see a much slower shutdown on Win 7. Been true last two builds.
  6. The beta updated smoothly. Good start
  7. Just updated to 8750 No issues.
  8. Update went smoothly. I don't allow malware on these desktop so the Emergency kit won't find anything.
  9. Didn't even realize there was an update, so I guess it was really smooth
  10. Note, OP is also running BitDefender Total security. I am not surprised he has problems
  11. Worry not Stapp. I know you all to well.
  12. I am guessing Fabian is working on more of his magic. THAT is what I want to see.
  13. I have to jump in and also say if OA was hugely popular they wouldn't have abandoned it, but sales kept dropping and the refund rate on those sales kept increasing so it made no sense to continue it. Also since XP is no longer compatible technology, slowly more and more companies are going to drop support.
  14. You can see this on several programs. Service and drivers are up, but GUI hasn't caught up. It's not a problem.
  15. Gosh the reaction to this beta is totally underwhelming
  16. I also run Win 7 Pro x64, and I don't have any issues. But also I have NOT done any updates since all this Meltdown\Spectre started.
  17. New Beta No issues on install
  18. Systems updated no problems. Did have one BSOD coming out of Shadowdefender Shadow Mode. It was in Epp.sys. I will wait and see if it happens again. Pete
  19. Hi Frank I like the changes. Nice.
  20. Smooth upgrade. What's up Frank?
  21. I don't use the Enterprise Console, and I have no trouble with EAM and Win 7 Pro X64. I am assuming you need the console, but you might try with out it. Also a lit of other software might be helpful. Pete
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