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  1. I've got a strange issue.   I had an objected quarantined, and it's now driving me nuts.   I keep getting a pop up that makes no sense.   It says "After re-scanning the quarantined objects  with the updated sign. were previously falsly detected (false  positives). Do you want to now?"    It then lists the object quarantined.   Do I want to what??   How do I get rid of this.   No option to delete or anything>

  2. 7 hours ago, stapp said:

    As do we all.

    Don't take my comment above so seriously Peter, it was just a little bit of banter reflecting how well things are working on EAM at the moment.

    Worry not Stapp.   I know you all to well.:P

  3. 14 hours ago, stapp said:

    Smooth update, no issues so far.

    (P.S. Please include some bugs in the beta builds... it's getting boring :lol: )

    I am guessing Fabian is working on more of his magic.   THAT is what I want to see.

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  4. I have to jump in and also say if OA was hugely popular they wouldn't have abandoned it, but sales kept dropping and the refund rate on those sales kept increasing so it made no sense to  continue it.  Also since XP is no longer compatible technology, slowly more and more companies are going to drop support.

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