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  1. Hi Frank Here is all the info 1. Problem. This is with both 8006 and 8134. If I open a pdf file with Acrobat Pro XI after a few minutes Acrobat crashes. I've never seen this before. It didn't happen with Acrobat DC Reader. I no longer have the older reader. I figured out it was EAM because I saw a2hooks.dll in Appcrash. 2. Attached is a zip file. Debug logs are turned on. You can see with delayed release no problem, but with the stable and beta Acrobat crashes. There are two additional files in the zip. One is the Appcrash text, and the other is the Acrobat dmp file. Don't know if that is of any use. 3. If it would be useful, I can install a trial of Acrobat Pro DC and see what happens there. Let me know Pete EAMLOG.zip
  2. OOPS. Found a major problem. Both 8134 and 8006 cause a crash in Acrobat Pro XI. No problem with the readers. I will get logs tomorrow. Is the Acrobat.*.dmp file of any use?
  3. Hi Frank Both desktops updated no sweat. Course on win 7 isn't much of an issue.
  4. Hi Frank Two desktops sitting pretty with 8100 on them. Looking good. Pete
  5. Hi Umbra 1. Both desktops updated smoothly 2. I agree with Stapp. Your answer was what i would desribe as technobabble.
  6. I would say Kasperksy is still safe. I don't lilke it and it slows down my machine, but safe yes.
  7. But is the firewall itself as effective in 7 as it is in 10
  8. Fabian how effective is for a win 7 user?
  9. I can confirim Stapp's finding with Win 7 x64 latest betta
  10. Same here. Both desktops auto updated. No obvious issues.
  11. I have found most of the "tune up" programs are more trouble then they are worth.
  12. I am actually ceases to play with any 3rd party firewalls. I was convinced I don't need it based on my total setup. All my systems are now happily puring on EAM
  13. Converting all systems to EAM. Will add ZAP to my test box and beat on it. Also in the VM I will test the combo and throw some malware at it. Stay tuned
  14. I have tried using Heimdal, as I do like some of that it does, BUT, I always have to take it off as my system gets dodgy after a bit. All you can do is try it and if things get weird take it off.
  15. Interesting list but it confirms what I've found. Only ZoneAlarm Pro is not part of a security suite. The suites would be a problem for EAM, but ZAP doesn't seem to be.
  16. Yeah I read that also. But on installing it Firewall Pro turned of the modules that might conflict. So far it is running on VM just fine.
  17. Obviously a firewall l with another suite wouldn't do, But Zonealarm Pro is about the only commercial firewall only product. Would it work? it seems to.
  18. No issues I ever found with Voodooshield. Never tried SecureAplus
  19. Hi Frank I understand where that warning came from, but I see trouble ahead when you use a message that says it's virus, when it isn't. That is going to bite you. Pete
  20. 2 Desktops and 1 VM all autoupdated. So far so good.
  21. Tested updating the 2nd desktop to 7797. It went fine. i guess Mr. Murphy had his little fun and left. Oh well, all is good.
  22. You know I know some posts were lost, well one of them was a bug report related to this.. Well it seems the problem got lost also. Turned on logging this morning. Did the update to this build and problem gone.. Gosh I love computers!!!. Well test other desktop tomorrow.
  23. Which issue Frank. There are to issues. 1)If I set an exe to always block, is it always blocked and 2) How is it logged.
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