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  1. Hi Frank

    Here is all the info

    1.  Problem.   This is with both 8006 and  8134.    If I open a pdf file with Acrobat Pro XI   after a few minutes Acrobat crashes.  I've never seen this before.  It didn't happen with Acrobat DC Reader.  I no longer have the older reader.    I figured out it was EAM because I saw  a2hooks.dll in Appcrash.

    2.  Attached is a zip file.  Debug logs are turned on.  You can see with delayed release no problem, but with the stable and beta Acrobat crashes.

    There are two additional files in the zip.   One is the Appcrash  text, and the other is the Acrobat dmp file.   Don't know if that is of any use.

    3.  If it would be useful, I can install a trial of Acrobat Pro DC and see what happens there.  Let me know





  2. On 7/26/2017 at 7:53 PM, Peter2150 said:

    Well I am going to retract my statement that this update was smooth.   Far from it.    Last night when I saw the initial updates, I noticed one app in particular generated BB alerts.  What wasn't right was that clicking on allow always didn't stop the alerts.  In case of the desktop it took almost 5 attempts and then finally it took.

    This morning I let the work machine update, and saw the same thing except I couldn't get it to stop alerting, so finally I rolled that machine  back to stable.

    I've noticed this evening some funny stuff on the machine still having the beta one it, and I've just noticed some flaky behavior.   I won't have time to do logs or do any trouble shooting, until I get past my Jury duty stuff.  In fact I've rolled back the machine to stable.  Just can't afford issues while I might be gone.   When I am by this Jury duty thing I'll get back at and get some logs.


    You know I know some  posts were lost, well one of them was a bug report related to this..   Well it seems the problem got lost also.   Turned on logging this morning.   Did the update to this build and problem gone..  Gosh I love computers!!!.     Well test other desktop tomorrow.

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