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  1. Hi Hawki Don't feel bad. WE have all done it. That's why I use redundancy, Gives me a second chance to recover from my doing something like that
  2. As one of the people involved with that bug, I can't confirm any problem here with 7424.
  3. Thanks Arthur. I didn't see any issues, but I removed MB3 anyway.
  4. What are the symptoms of the conflict. Also could it be OS dependent?
  5. Hi Frank. 3 machines all win 7 updated fine.
  6. For security I'd disable powershell. It is used by a lot nasty stuff
  7. Fine auto update here. Complete non event.
  8. I use Hitmanpro Alert along side EIS with no issues at all. Win 7
  9. Doesn't affect me much but both desktops updated with no issues
  10. Arthur is telling it straight. I do a lot of my own malware testing (in VM) and I always have to turn off EIS or I would never get anything further. EIS is great.
  11. Two updates to desktops. All is well
  12. Hi Frank Again, the updates are smooth. Thanks, Pete
  13. Two Desktops and 1 VM updated automatically. So far so good
  14. I've been involved in MBaM 3.06, and I don't think it's ready for prime time. I wouldn't put it on my machines.
  15. HI David I can give you my answer for part of your question namely other security. You will notice there is a bit of over lap, but it does show what can be run with EIS. 1. Sandboxie 2 Hitman Pro Alert. Anti Exploit 3 NoViriusThanks ExeRadarPro Anti Executable 4 Voodooshield 5 ShadowDefender. No conflicts with EIS. Pete
  16. Online Armor will no longer install. All the back office support functions that were needed for it have been shut down. If I am not mistaken the current EIS /EAM products no longer support XP
  17. Updates to latest build. Very smooth.
  18. I have to agree with Stapp, and I also agree the comparison isn't valid. How many Word users don't know about their doc files, compared to how many users even know about their scan sets and reports. I'd bet very few.
  19. Soilentgreen I can tell you EIS/EAM are working fine. I have never tried Eicar, but what I have been doing in a virtual machine of course, is running my setup past real live malware. This includes, keyloggers, other intrusive malware, and a varsity of Ransomware. Not only does EIS/EAM catch them all but it is the first to respond. Pete
  20. Ken I don't do a thing, just take the images as appropriate. No exclusions, no stopping anything. Just take the image
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