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  1. HI David

    I can  give you  my answer for part of your question namely other security.   You will notice there is a bit of over lap, but it does show what can be run with EIS.

    1. Sandboxie

    2 Hitman Pro Alert.     Anti Exploit

    3 NoViriusThanks  ExeRadarPro   Anti Executable

    4 Voodooshield      

    5 ShadowDefender.


    No conflicts with EIS.



  2. Soilentgreen


    I can tell you EIS/EAM are working fine.  I have never tried Eicar, but what I have been doing in a virtual machine of course, is running my setup past real live malware.  This includes, keyloggers, other intrusive malware, and a varsity of Ransomware.   Not only does EIS/EAM catch them all but it is the first to respond.




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