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  1. This problem is still with me.  I'm using IE11 (rather than my preferred Firefox) which certainly makes it less of an issue, but whenever I accidentally or intentionally start FF another chunk of virtual memory goes AWOL.  Has anyone made any progress?


    You might try Opera.   I've been a long time FF user, and lately I just had it with FF, to many issues.   Opera is proving very smooth and I am not looking back

  2. I wouldn't mess with the registry.  There should be an easier way.


    1 Open the gui and click on protection

    2 Untick the hide fully trusted applications.

    3  Scroll down and search for the Windows Defender exe file

    4 highlight it and  click on Edit Rule

    5  Then click the Always block this application(Impossible to run)  button


    That should stop it.

  3. Well the latest beta is fine on my test desktop, but on my business desktop which is the one I've had problems with, not so fine.  Totally locked up during logging in.  Never got to the desktop. Since I hadn't done the last backup of the day, I just uninstalled in safe mode. Since this is the busiest time of the month for me I can't afford problems during this time.  It will probably be at least a week before I can look at it.  So for now it's back to v11

  4. Frank, meet Mr Murphy,   Mr Murphy meet Frank.  Once again Murphy's law strikes.


    1.  I unstalled V11 as ususall

    2.  I installed the new installer you gave me the new link for

    3.  During the install the update failed with the Failure to connect to the server error.

    4.  I let the install finish.  With the warning I wasn't protected with out updating, I let it update.  Update went fine.

    5.  Before trying any of the above fixes I decided try a reboot first.  I prepared with a disk image

    6.  Reboot went fine this time, and at this point all is well.   Ain't computers fun.


    As a side note, I tested the firewall LAN functions, and again all is well.


    Looking good.



  5. Hi Frank


    Boy I was surprised tonight.   Since V12 has been fine on my test desktop and my Thinkpad, I expected the same on the 2nd desktop given the same software load.   No love.   Uninstalled V11 and ran the clean up utility.   Installed 12 with the installer from above.  Install went fine, update went fine, so rebooted.  Came up to the log in screen.  After entering password it went to the welcome screen and hung the system.  Tried several reboots, and also a power down and reboot.   I never got to the desktop.   Had to restore the system to recover.


    What do you want me to do next?



  6. All attempts result in the same thing failure to connect to the server, check my connect.   Connection is good.     Spent 3 hours trying to  get it to update.  No success, hence Total failure                                                    

  7. I just updated my VM's   I am using VMware Workstation updated to 12.5.   I have two machines, one with Win 7 x64 and one with Win 10 x64.   All my security software is on board, which includes EIS/EAM, Appguard, NVT ERP, HMPA and Sandboxie, all updated.


    My host is Win 7x64



    Although slow I was able to uninstall version 11 and install EIS current Beta,   Both updated to the lastest beta.   So I can't confirm problem



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