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  1. Holy smoke! That was an informative, well stated - and polite - exchange! Well worth the investment of time to read and absorb.
  2. I heartily agree with Jeremy on this. Having been burned in the past with (other) software problems and no internet connection to look for help, I've had to resort to using another computer, located elsewhere, to find online help, then print tens of pages to carry back to my computer to troubleshoot and fix the problem(s). Emsisoft should compile the online help into a handy downloadable PDF file (and update it periodically as needed). Short of that, I'll probably spend the time to do it for myself. (I've already done that for Macrium Reflect, and it was a time investment that paid off on a couple of occasions.)
  3. Thanks, guys. I didn't know that (or if I did in order to enable it on 64-bit Windows, I promptly forgot).
  4. For some time now I've noticed that sometimes EIS shows its version and build number on the Overview tab just below License information (see attached screen capture) and sometimes is doesn't. I never paid much attention beyond wondering why,for example, it's present now but not yesterday. Just the other day I finally realized that it's presence or absence is tied to the OS I'm using at the time, as I switch between using Windows 10 64-bit and Windows 10 32-bit. The version/build information is always present in 64-bit EIS, and always absent in 32-bit EIS. I'm wondering now whether this phenomenon is an anomaly on my computer, or whether this is a feature/bug in EIS.
  5. As was the case with Win10 Pro x64, problem disappears after reboot under x86 as well. So I can no longer reproduce the problem.
  6. FWIW, manual malware scan immediately after auto update to 6956 took 39 seconds (Win10 Pro x64 installed on a SSD) -- minus Documents folder contents, which I've hard-linked to a separate HDD. Also, the problem of non-functioning Stop and Pause buttons during scan, which I reported in another thread a few days ago, has gone away in this build.
  7. Update -- After computer reboot into x64 OS, the Pause and Stop buttons worked as intended. However, immediately after EIS update on the Win10 X86 side of my dual-boot machine, the identical problem appeared: Pause and Stop buttons have no effect during a scan. I haven't yet rebooted the x86 side to see if the buttons work ok -- will get to that tomorrow. Maybe something about the update process itself requires a full reboot, not just a program restart??
  8. The title says it all. After auto update of EIS to 6936 on Win10 Pro x64, manually ran a malware scan. Halfway through tried to stop it, then pause it. Hitting those buttons multiple times had no effect -- though pressing "Pause" did toggle the display to "Resume" and back again, but had no effect on the actual scan. Shut down and restarted EIS several times and reran scan. Same behavior. Can others duplicate this (mis)behavior?
  9. To my mild surprise, this morning EIS automatically updated from v. 11. x x x to v. under Win10 x64 -- surprise because I thought the upgrade from v. 11 to v. 12 required the user's affirmative decision and manual download of the installer, even with beta updates enabled. But that's not my main point. While exploring the new GUI, it froze at the screen shown in the title above. As the attached screenshot shows, the edit window was incompletely drawn and showed no controls on the right side of the title bar. An attempt to clear the screen by "Shut down protection" failed. The only way to clear the frozen screen, short of rebooting, was to (alt-ctrl-delete) log off and log back on again to cause explorer.exe and the desktop to reload. After the one-time freeze, I couldn't duplicate the problem. No logs, since this was an unexpected upgrade.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. It was on the regular beta update feed. Not really an inconvenience. I was considering installing v12 on one of the OS installations. This way the decision was made for me. Any help on the second issue: Any attempt to view attachments to posts in the beta forum produce an error message: "Sorry, you don't have permission for that!"
  11. Greetings -- Any explanation how/why on my dual boot Win10 PC (x86 + x64), yesterday afternoon my x86 EIS automatically updated from v. to v. Then subsequently on the x64 side EIS continued to update definitions only (after the firewall component update earlier in the day). Both are set to allow beta updates. Also, completely unrelated, every attempt to view attachments to posts (in the beta forum only) produce an error message: "Sorry, you don't have permission for that!" What's the problem here?
  12. Not only that, but for me, if not for all Windows 10 users, until the last Windows 10 cumulative update before the anniversary update, Windows Update would always fail unless Windows Firewall was enabled and running. I discovered this fix only through trial and error after many hours of anger and frustration at being unable to install any Windows updates for a couple of months. Once the Windows Firewall was enabled, Windows Updates would successfully download and install. That problem went away somewhere around June.
  13. Yeah, I know. I forgot where I was on the board and I lost track of whether this was a public beta or a private beta. Then when I got to the Testing Corner section, I didn't feel like making another entry there.
  14. I've run into the same problem with this latest EIS build (running under Win10 x86). I use this OS only 2 or 3 times a week. So each time I boot, its signatures are two or three days old. When I attempt to update manually, the Overview screen shows an update grinding away but never completing (today it kept that up for a couple of hours). Finally, I tried to cancel the update and EIS gave the "cancelling" message, and it kept that up indefinitely (still grinding away as I type this -- take a look at the attachment.) Never had this problem until the current build (
  15. Arthur -- Thanks for your prompt reply. Just as the problem appeared yesterday afternoon mysteriously out of nowhere (I had run services.msc just a couple of days ago with no problem, but that was before both an unexplained Windows update and an unexplained EIS program update), last evening, the problem disappeared just as mysteriously, when another attempt to run the Windows utility succeeded. So for now, at least, everything is back to normal.
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