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  1. Sorry, but that advice can be interpreted as if a user would have to take action themselves to make EAM work as intended. That is not right. The Application Rules tab in EAM9 works the same way it did in earlier versions of EAM. It is empty because the Behavior Blocker in EAM does an outstanding job of handling 99,99% of all decisions without user interaction. That is why Application Rules tab in EAM are usually empty - because EAM will only list the few executables that it can't make a decision on by itself. So if you have never been prompted by the Behavior Blocker about a file, then Ap
  2. It seems to be related to Nvidia search for updates. It´s very aggressive. On 3 pcs (Win 8 and Win 7) I see hundreds and hundreds of these outgoing connections from nvtray.exe. They always kick in at boot and then at random during daily use of pcs. Highly annoying when trying to get a view of established connections, and then nvtray.exe kicks in - total kaos Nvidia could have done this a bit more elegant. I have never seen CPU usage as high as mentioned in opening post though, so have never had concerns about this related to EAM. But perhaps that varies with CPU type.
  3. I see I have just downloaded the new optimized signatures. WoW - what a difference. Before i had approx. 635 EmsiSoft signature modules - now i have 62 !! That is a reduction at 90 % (when just counting modules - not signatures inside those modules) Signature wise I see 3.2 million signatures where made redundant due to wider generic signatures and general cleanup. Congratulations on a very efficient optimization
  4. That´s the problem. There have been seven EAM updates attempts here after the update that made the BitDefender signatures disappear. The sixth one corrected the problem. So as I wrote, EAM are now running at 13.6 million signatures again. But for the hours from the bugged update and the following five updates - EAM ran with only 3.9 million signatures. I guess I will have to try and remember to open EAM and check signature counter every time EAM has done a automatic update. And run a Fiddler log right after the next time it happens. Kind of takes the fun out of automatic up
  5. If this relates to Updates.txt or not was just guesswork on my part. But fact is that two different pcs suddenly lost all BitDefender signatures after a update. Without any warning. I have of course thought of creating Fiddler logs, but since this happens at random it´s difficult to capture those logs. It would mean that I would have to remember to stop everything internet related I´m doing ,once every hour and start Fiddler while EAM updates. Then stop Fiddler and go back to what I was doing. If the bug didn´t occur, then I can do the above again the next hour, and the next and
  6. This happened again today on another pc here. Turned on pc and did a update of EAM. EAM downloaded all available updates and installed them - after the update there are only 3.9 million signatures, so again EAM doesn´t load BitDefender signatures after a update. EAM Status after update : Log of downloaded modules : If you go through the update log, you will see that "BD/update.txt" is missing. Tried a couple of manual update attempts (and a reboot, just for the sake of it). Nothing changed. Then finally some more updates downloaded on my fourth update attempt. A
  7. Hi Fabian, I had already tried a couple of manual updates to see if something went wrong and if a new update could correct it, as you can see here : The first two attempts did nothing. No modules available and no change in signature count. Also tried a reboot between the two attempts. Just now after your reply, I tried a third time and EAM downloaded 30 modules (approx. 10 MB) and after these where installed EAM suddenly showed 13,5 million signatures again ?? Really weird. Something must have gone wrong during the first update today, and EAM refused to load the BitDefen
  8. Am setting up a new laptop for the family and when I just booted now EAM had approx. 13,2 million signatures. EAM did a automatic update and downloaded 237 signature modules (roughly 70 MB) and installed them - and now EAM shows only 3,8 million signatures ?? That´s 10 million signatures that just vanished after the automatic signature update. Looking at the number of signatures, I guess that´s translate into the BitDefender part of the signatures that suddenly disappeared. Are there any current problems server-side ??
  9. I just called my mother and explained the situation. She promised to stop updating right now. Let´s see if that helps then
  10. I´m not getting any updates either. Last successful update was at 12.22 CET (and it now 15:58 CET ) I can send an Fiddler log if you need ?
  11. A lot has happend since last post in this thread and now both "Malware Hosts" and "Phishing Hosts" seems to populate very well in EAM 7´s Surf Protection. But no sign of anything in "Privacy risks" ?? Is this reserved for the future or work in progress ?? EDIT 17/10-2012 : i see "Privacy risks" are now also populating very well as of today on each update. Everything working as expected.
  12. Impossible to log in from Android phone (Android 2.1 - Blame Sony Ericsson that i´m stuck on that build, not me ) Getting warning about invalid certificate and connection is cut. When HTTPS was first enabled 100% it was not possible to load site at all on Android. Now the mentioned problem is just when trying to log in. (and a few random times when browsing as guest) No problem on Win7 x64 (IE9 x64) Martin
  13. Yes, i asked a couple of years back - it couldn´t be done then and can´t be done now, since you can´t restrict a program to only use a specific interface. Still think that it would be nice to be able to block access on certain programs if my VPN dropped out, but still have Windows updates, ++ signatures and everything else that updates to be able to connect on standard interface. Martin.
  14. What a sad, sad day I was afraid that this would happen. Have been using OA++ since it was first released - it was really all i needed. Martin.
  15. You doesn´t see the OA shield next to those buttons. You see the Windows UAC shield.
  16. I agree with Nick on this. Learning Mode is not something you activate all the time just to avoid reading prompts. The whole point of running a HIPS is to be made aware of changes done to your system, and OA is already doing a good job on keeping prompts on a minimum. Especially if you remember to tick Install Mode. The only thing i have ever used Learning Mode for, is a couple of installations that needed it active during reboot. But have never needed it during the installation itself. Martin.
  17. While I have never seen a build that showed this build number in the GUI, I do however remember that every single paying OA customer was autoupdated with several OA components that was exactly build Everybody that have installed latest official release AND pressed "Check for updates" can confirm this. Martin.
  18. Hi Tweetiepie2, You can upgrade your OA Premium to OA++ in User Area. Just rightclick on the OA icon, choose User Area and in there you go to Upgrade section and follow the instructions there. About the software itself, I would do a clean fresh installation of OA++ (uninstall your current OA, reboot twice and install OA++) You should have no problems with Malwarebytes. Martin.
  19. Hi G_girl, Why not trust Photoshop? We're talking about a genuine program obtained from a trustworthy source, right ? So you should have it set as Trusted in OA, or you will strain your pc even more with OA monitoring every tiny move the program does. If you are concerned about programs calling home without your accept, then untick "Automatically allow Trusted programs to access the internet" and "Autoconfigure Trusted programs" - both found in Options/Firewall. You will then be prompted when a program wants internet access. If you are concerned about resources used by this program, then
  20. Hi G_girl, Mark Photoshop as Trusted in OA, and no more prompts about this. Martin.
  21. It was like that back when I dualbooted myself and have been like that every time the question has come up since then - so unless Emsisoft has decided to change this, the user would require two licenses for that setup. Martin.
  22. Hi Jorg, You will need two licenses for that. Martin.
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