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  1. So you didn´t get everything that you wrote on that list to Santa ?? On Topic: Just so you are aware - if you create a rule for some program, then it will be allowed to use that port/protocol/direction for any destination, unless you also set a endpoint restriction. Therefore a colourcode will not do much good if you are creating firewall rules according to them. An example might be that you get a prompt from OA about a mediaplayer wants to access a file on your NAS on your LAN - you allow and create a rule, since you got this green prompt (because it was LAN traffic) But unless you then setup a endpoint restriction afterwards, then this mediaplayer will then also be allowed to use that rule you just created to gain access to WAN (as long as it still uses same port - or any port if you have OA set to autoconfigure rules) So not sure of how much use such colour codes would be in daily use. Martin.
  2. Hi Akamai, You kind of answered your own question. Your OA installation ain't working since you're running an outdated OS that doesn't have all the functions that OA needs. You really ought to update to SP3. And if I may, if you don't trust Microsoft to improve their own system - then perhaps you're on the wrong platform. You will find OS's with a lot more user-influence out there. Martin.
  3. Hi Lynx, Didn't know if it was ok to mention a competitor by name. But since you ask, I can just whisper it real quiet - it's Dr.Web. And a Happy New Year, to you also. Martin.
  4. That sounds very interesting. I´m currently running an certain russian AV solution on my Android smartphone - and it´s running very well. It did well already in Beta, so decided to stick with it - but have quite a few times wondered if Emsisoft would release on the Android platform. Would be nice if the phone was also Emsi-protected ... And looking on how the signaturecount is climbing, it´s quite scary that many users forget to install an AV on their phone (they deserve a serious bitch slapping ) Martin
  5. Hi Hayc59, That is exactly what Pstein writes that he is trying to do. OA is just refusing to accept it apparently and reprompts on next boot again. Martin.
  6. Hi Pstein, I remember another thread not long ago in old OA forum, with a problem just like this. It was another program that OA prompted about on each reboot, but apart from that the situation is the same. In that thread, one of the Devs asked for debug-logs of the issue to determine why OA would not accept the users feedback. Logs was never submitted, so perhaps one of the Devs could post here and let you know if they would like logs from you instead. Martin.
  7. Hi Randalls, In order to limit some of your applications from reaching the outside world, you will have to make some endpoint restrictions in your Firewall Rules (advanced mode) for the applications in question. Martin.
  8. Sounds like a wise decision, Jorg. Remember to exclude OA in EAM and vice versa. And since you are accustom to how OA's HIPS works, you might consider disabling the behavior blocker in EAM. Martin.
  9. Well OA does have script protection, but (as i recall) will not scan a script since Java runtime etc. will be trusted - and this is what you where concerned about. On the other hand - should this script try to alter anything on your system or try to download and install something nasty, then OA will react. A HIPS prompt if something is tried to be changed in your system and a HIPS prompt with an AV scan if something was tried to be installed. About if EAM has anything more to offer then OA++, yes it does. If you like to tweak your AV, then there is many more knobs to turn in EAM and you will have the option to scan on-access instead of on-execution. Properly the OA+EAM combo is closest to the setup you are used to. OA++ (and perhaps Sandboxie) will require that you change some habits and do some background reading on them. Martin
  10. Hi Jorg, Knowing that you come from KAV as your AV (due to your other thread), and reading between the lines you seem to be a bit uncomfortable with a web filter not being part of OA++ nor EAM - i would like to mention that you also have another option. And that would be running OA++ and a program like Sandboxie, where you force your browser to run sandboxed (ie. isolated from the rest of your system). I know a lot of people here are big fans of Sandboxie. This would run very light on your machine. You already know the performance of OA and would then top it with the dual AV engine in OA++ also found in EAM. Personally, i rely on OA++ to take care of everything. But thought i would make you aware of another option (or add to your confusion ) Martin
  11. That sounds strange that KAV should make OA go blind.. Now, i´m not using KAV, so i hope that a KAV user can shed some light on this unpleasent situation. Your question about OA++ and websites - OA in genreal has Webshield, that will block stuff like ActiveX and so on. OA++ does not scan your downloads or browser content with its AV module. But the moment you try to execute anything downloaded, then OA++ will scan the file if it´s an unknown item. Martin
  12. Hi Jorg, Did you try the suggestions that MaB69 wrote in post 3 in this thread ?? That is very likely to solve the problem. And about OA++ - it uses the dual Ikarus/Emsisoft AV engine also found in EAM. You will not find a better detection rate anywhere. Just remember that OA++ functions a little different from your traditional AV. OA++ monitors your system with its HIPS module and only scans Unknown programs that tries to execute. (no need to scan anything known to be safe or something that can´t execute) Martin
  13. Hi Tyler, If you would like to read the detailed procedure regarding debug logs, then there is a sticky with it here : Martin
  14. I also have all of the above as RunSafer, and also all IM clients, other mediaplayers, FTP client and FTP server. Martin
  15. Just remember that this only applies when your OS is XP. Win7 uses 49152 and above for loopback interface. Martin.
  16. Hi Leo, Good to hear that you have everything working again. Martin.
  17. Just to make this a little less confusing, OA and Mamutu are not two HIPS´ and OA/OA++ are not a firewall with a behavior blocker. Mamutu is a behavior blocker. OA is a HIPS with a integrated firewall OA++ is a HIPS with a integrated firewall, that uses the AV module to scan anything unknown picked up by the HIPS. Mamutu can hardly be called new anymore. It´s very well proven. One thing you are right about though, is that it makes no sense to use both a HIPS and a BB on the same system. It´s like mounting two steering wheels in your car. While this may go without problems for some time, you are in for a bumpy ride when your mother in law decides to come along for a ride By this i mean, if both HIPS and BB are set to allow and block the same - no problems. If they are not set to allow and block the same - user error. The user need to make up his mind on how to deal with the app he was prompted about and answer prompts from both HIPS and BB with same answer. So why make every decision twice ?? Martin
  18. One thing that might have happened is that NOD has crippled your OA installation. Have seen this many times. NOD is a lonely child that doesn't play nice with others. A way of keeping NOD away, is to disable NOD during your OA installation and exclude the entire OA folder in NOD's setup - do this BEFORE first reboot required during the OA installation. And if you are sure that your pc is clean, then do a Trust All installation with OA. Should you decide to try my suggestion, then remember that you MUST reboot twice after having uninstalled OA to remove its drivers. (Since you will need to remove OA first, before you can do a new clean installation of it.) Martin.
  19. Hi Pnpe6, Do you have IE and Firefox marked as Trusted ?? And same goes for the modules that they might use. Anything blocked in Firewall rules, for these programs ?? What kind of realtime protection do you have running, besides OA ?? Martin
  20. Hi Ivbaal, Have you also updated your OA after having installed it?? There are quite a few updates that should be installed ASAP. Just go to the General page in OA and press "Click here to search for updates". The problems with Ad-aware is among the things dealt with in these updates. The update is mentioned here (in the old OA forum): Martin
  21. Easy to forget with frequent uninstall/reinstall. Hopefully everything is back to running peacefully together. Martin.
  22. Hi H_D. That sure does sound strange. Did you do a Trust All installation of OA? Also you mention having EAM excluded in OA. Do you also OA excluded in EAM ? I also notice that you use OA mainly as FW, since you have Program Guard turned off. Don't know how many test this. Just of the top of my head I can only remember a single one mention this (one of your fellow Mods). Perhaps he knows if OA misbehaves occasionally in this "amputated" state. Martin.
  23. An Untrusted program is allowed to run (if set to Allow, of course), but is monitored very, very closely. Also you will be prompted about anything questionable that the program might try to do. You should run everything OS related and all programs that you trust, as Trusted. Martin.
  24. Do you also have it marked Trusted, and not just Allowed ? If not, then this should be done. Martin.
  25. If you have had that many FW installed over time at your system, then it would properly be wise to do a clean installation of your OS. Chances are that many of these FW have left behind something here and there - and cleaning up after this will end up taking much longer then just reinstalling the OS. Martin.