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  1. Just tried downloading this. No problems. Using Opera sandboxed. Dlmage d/l manager. XP
  2. Hi Fabian Regarding the forum layout, I am enclosing a screenshot. I have marked an area in red where the forum relating to the subject on the left was placed. On the replying part. This seems to happen only the first time after logging in. What happens is that you click on 'Quote' (assuming that the bottom of the page is not visible) and nothing changes on the screen, but the quote is entered correctly if you scroll to the bottom. However after you try this once it then performs correctly. Hope you understand this.
  3. Can confirm that Stapp. What it needs is space to go into, ie. if you press enter to move to a new line it can be entered into the line above, or press the spacebar to create a space for it to be entered. Regarding the new layout I really don't like it. Before when you clicked on new content the relative forums were listed down the centre - now it is just a mess. Also when replying to a post further up the page and pressing 'Quote' you were taken to the reply forum. Now it is entered at the bottom of the page but you are not taken there. Using Opera 11.50. Win XP