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  1. Very sad news ;( Rest In Peace, Rob...
  2. Hi, is marked as malicious, but I'm pretty sure that this is false positive. Please fix it. Adam
  3. Hi, I forgot to mention that I'm a country manager for Poland and this topic is related to this topic on Polish subforum. Adam
  4. All files on customer's pc have been encrypted - Kaspersky has detected win32/filecoder.BP infection. Log files attached.
  5. Domain is marked as malicious while it is reliable website (RadioSure is an internet radio player) and doesn't spread malware files.
  6. Here you can find latest blocklists. They are compatible with Online Armor and work pretty good. I have written an application to updating and managing blocklists, but I couldn't patch the configuration files in order to using downloaded blocklists in Online Armor without user's interaction. So the application was very difficult in use and required manual configuration. Currently it's abandoned project. Maybe in the future OA will be having easy to modify configuration files.
  7. Wow, congrats
  8. Do you have "Launch Online Armor at next startup" option ticked in the Options tab? If yes, can you untick and tick it once again?
  9. Developers are working on the new translation system. Please be patient - if I receive language files, I will start translating OA immediately.
  10. Good to hear Emsisoft is running fine Regards, Adam
  11. Hey Marco87, Please download Emsiclean ( and save it on your desktop. Run the downloaded file, read the disclaimer and generate report - don't remove anything! A new log file will be created on your desktop - please attach that to a reply, by using more reply options button.
  12. Hi, IrfanView is my image viever - I'm pretty sure that it's a legit application. Today I got a red alert from OA, because IrfanView was infected - it follows from OASIS. Report: Can you fix this problem? Regards, Adam
  13. Hello, If you get an error message while you perform an update, can you post a screenshot? Do you have installed the latest version (currently of Online Armor? If no, download it from here, perform an upgrade install and enter your license key once again. Regards, Adam
  14. Can you try to exclude from protection another security software in Online Armor (go to options->exclusions and add folders with security applications, for example C:\Program Files\Webroot) and vice versa?
  15. Hello, Which version of Online Armor do you have installed? Can you provide some details about your computer? Here is a little announcement which may be helpful. Regards, Adam