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  1. Well I checked and a2antimalware service was running. I shutdown Emsisoft and restarted it without a hitch a couple of times. I don't know what was going on earlier or a couple of days ago when I was still on non beta version. Both exhibited the same issue a2start showed up and that was it. No systray icon and no other Emsisoft or splash screen ever showed up. Both of these were after I shutdown the software via the "Shutdown Protection"
  2. Windows7 x64. Was originally using the release trial version of Emsisoft Anti-malware. I noticed that with the release code that if I closed / shutdown Emsisoft that I could not get the systray icon to show up on restarting the app. I would see A2Start in the process list and that was all. The same thing is occurring in the current beta. I closed down the app using the code and left the app shutdown for several minutes. When I started it up again I just saw A2Start.exe in process list and that was all. Eventually I saw the attach pop up. Like with the release code when I restart the computer I am sure the app will work properly. Also using Malwarebytes Premium.
  3. No full screen aka Games were running Well repeatable in that Emsisoft Anti-malware SHows "Excluded" under Protection | Behavor Blocker even after the Exclusion rule is deleted. When you click on the entry in the Behavioravoir Blocker for Tweeten it correctly shows "Monitored" its just not refreshing the Status column on the Behavior Blocker screen once am Exclusion Rule is removed. It will show Monitored if the computer is rebooted normally. Update: Looks like the current Beta fixes this issue as well.
  4. The only apps I had opened was Chrome and Tweeten.exe app. Just now I checked with Tweeten running properly and Behavoir Blocking showed that I had an exclusion for the application's folder. I deleted that exclusion after closing Tweeten. I relaunched Tweeten app and Behavior Blocker still showed there was an exclusion. Thinking that perhaps Emsisoft Anit-malware needed to be shutdown and then restarted I used the Shutdown Proteciton option via the Systray icon. Entered the numeric code and Emsisoft shutdown. I then tried relaunching Emsisoft via the All Applications menu and waited but seen no evidence of the Systray icon showing up. Looking through the processes I saw a2start.exe running. Terminating that process and retrying the shortcut under Emsisoft under All Applications did the same thing. Only when I rebooted the computer did Emsisoft start up properly. Checking behavior blocking now shows Tweeten.exe being monitored. Is this normal behavior if one shuts down Emsisoft Anti-malware? When I launch the TweetenSetup.exe I now see the Popup box on the monitor here allowing me to indicate the app is OK to run.
  5. Emsisoft could download the free app from the Developer's website I just did a check on Virustotal website on the exe here for the application itself and it came out clean even from Emsisoft. I also downloaded the Setup.exe for TweetenApp from the developer's website and did a VIrustotal Scan on it and except for Badiu it too came up clean. Yet when I run this same EXE file Emsisoft it wants to quarantine it as Behavior.HiddenInstallation.. I see a pop up window for the exe for the setup file now. The TweetenApp is running fine now and as far I can tell this is even after I deleted any rules I had set up last night to get Emsisoft to allow it to. Protection - Behaviour Blocker - Suspicious Programs is set to "Auto Resolve, notifications for threats only"
  6. Been trialing Emsisoft Anti-malware and yesterday went to start up my Twitter client TweetenApp. Instead of seeing its normal screen all I saw was a Window border and a totally white area. Tried running the updater for the app and nothing happened. I looked in the Windows7 x64 process list and noticed multiple Tweeten processes running. I terminated them all and tried again. No difference. I then went into Emsisoft's log file area and discovered multiple entries like the following: 8/5/2018 8:03:56 PM A notification message "Suspicious behavior has been found in the following program: C:\Users\enduser\AppData\Local\Tweeten\app-4.6.1\TWEETEN.EXE" has been shown Behavior Blocker detected suspicious behavior "CryptoMalware" of "C:\Users\enduse\AppData\Local\Tweeten\app-4.6.1\TWEETEN.EXE" (SHA1: FA093D3B6C51024735161FA3C42F691824498BC6) 8/5/2018 8:03:56 PM A notification message "Suspicious behavior has been found in the following program: C:\Users\enduser\AppData\Local\Tweeten\app-4.6.1\TWEETEN.EXE" has been shown During this entire frustrating process I saw no notification window from Emsisoft warning me that it has blocked this application and it installer. I have been using this software for over a year with my previous antivirus Eset NOD32 (which is uninstalled at least temporarily) along with Malwarebytes real time protection and neither of them complained about the app. I tried to
  7. Ok thanks for the Wilders thread link. Perhaps its best to move OA to another download site? Users may stay away from Download.com because of this crap being inserted into downloads even though your app may be clean.
  8. When I went to download the free version of OA from Download.com NOD32 flashed up the attached warning about the download. Seems Download.com is adding apps to a variety of downloads.
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