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  1. this was sorted out with PM: ("xxx... is a 3 PC license key. So the 30 Days was splitted to 3 times 10 Days for each license slot.") makes some sense i guess. thanks.
  2. "Extend your Emsisoft license for free": 30 FREE DAYS! For each successfully installed TRIAL version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Emsisoft Internet Security that you referred. i did only get 10 days, not 30days. Why is that? don't promise something you can not keep.
  3. Dollar price on store also says it includes VAT. So is that part not true?
  4. Okei, there is no exchange rate. but why euro price is higher?
  5. Like: Emsisoft Anti-Malware 1 Year is 39,95$ or 39,95€, its same. Both prices includes VAT 19%. 39,95 $ is really something like: 32 Euros. If i renew my 3 pc license, difference is larger. +1 y: 52.46 $/€ (correct conversion is something like: 42€) +2 y: 97.93 $/€ (something like: 79€) +3 y 136.40 $/€ something like: 109€) Why is it? So it's very tempting to buy with dollars, and let bank do conversion. If i do, will i get banned?
  6. I wanted to try Emsisoft Anti-Malware, but it says 30 days trial is used/over. I don't remeber using this before, i did use some a2 freeware scanner before and EEK, but not Real time scanner. Any chance to get some trial time?.
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