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  1. Ehm, actually in the free version right-clicking on the Firewall Programs/Ports windows, allow me to export/import Firewall settings using the context menu's items...
  2. Hey 67stang, no worries! you haven't taken up my time and I'm glad I was able to help you with the info Best, Nick
  3. Hello, Go to Options/General Tab/Show update notifications: <<Allows you to configure whether Online Armor will display a notification when a program or signature update takes place>> Also, go to Options/General Tab/Check for updates: <<Allows you to change if or how often Online Armor will automatically check for updates. This includes both program updates and signature updates>> More info here: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Options.shtml Best Regards
  4. My condolences to his family, his friends and everyone at Emsisoft.
  5. One of many, unfortunately - at least, according to my own experience with the latest Avast builds on XP... Arthur, do you know if they have reported this particular bug to the Avast Team?
  6. Hello there, Just in case, fell free to ask and I'll post more details about the exclusions in Avast AV.
  7. Go to: Settings/Antivirus. Scroll down to: Exclusions/File Paths. Those are the Global Exclusions - they renamed it, sorry.
  8. You're welcome. Glad to hear it is working now. It seems like you are running an old version of Avast - recent versions (9.x) have a Global Exclusion option where you can add locations that would be ignored by all the shields - not just the File System shield. Unfortunately, many users have experienced problems after upgrading to the latest versions - just in case, I suggest that you check the official Avast Support Forum before proceeding with an upgrade (anyway, it's advisable to upgrade your AV to the latest version).
  9. While waiting for an official reply, you might try adding to Avast's Global Exclusions all the following OA's folders (or the equivalents): C:\Programs Files\Online Armor C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OnlineArmor C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\\Application Data\OnlineArmor Also, try adding to OA's exclusions all the following Avast's folders: C:\Program File\AVAST Software C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVAST Software C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\Application Data\AVAST Software You have to reboot the system to apply the changes (especially for Avast's). Don't forget to include also the subfolders.
  10. Hello G_girl, You might want to check this recent thread on Domains in version 7: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/12565-domains-in-v7/
  11. Hello Jim, Are you using Avast! AV? I'm asking because lately Avast creates that sort of executables with random names in different locations - don't ask me why: they said they are "emergency updates"...
  12. You may want to check the Avast Forum about this specific topic. Here is the main thread about the infamous "20131121 Emergency Update": http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=140730.0 So far, after many days, no real official reply from Avast about what the update was supposed to do and why it is running at every boot, though. That speaks volumes about the current Avast Team, in my personal opinion as a user. Some users there gave directions about how it could be easily removed. Best Regards
  13. In one of your other threads, it seems that VLC is not trusted: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/12939-extreme-delay-while-upgrading-to-vlc-player-211/#entry92330 - [1. (...) I closed VLC player after the default opening after the installation.It is not trusted] As fas as I know, this fact might lead to some of the issues you're experiencing here.
  14. I asked my father to try to download a file in C:\WINDOWS using Firefox 25.0.1 - I checked that Firefox cannot download any files in C:\WINDOWS when running in RunSafer mode. So I can now confirm that, as for my father's system, the problem is that sometimes Firefox doesn't show the green borders - but it still runs in RunSafer mode. He noticed that opening Thunderbird (set to RunSafer) before Firefox prevents the missing green borders in Firefox. Hope this might help. System Information: Win XP Pro SP3 (Hardware DEP) Avast! Free AV 9.0.2008 Online Armor Free (Web Shield - off) Firefox 25.0.1 set to Runsafer
  15. Thanks, Arthur. What about trying to download a file in the Windows main folder? I'm asking because my father has no idea how to use Process Explorer.
  16. Thanks, blues. By the way, is Sysinternals' Process Explorer the only easy way to check if a program set to RunSafer is "running safer"?
  17. I forgot to mention that I've seen the same issue on my father's computer. He said it started with FIrefox 25. I didn't test it, but it could be only a problem with the coloured borders - perhaps, the program is running safer, but the coloured borders are not shown? It's not my computer and I cannot check it at the moment. System Info: XP SP3 with the current builds of Avast! Free, Firefox, OA Free.
  18. I believe it's not a good idea to run-safer FF components during an install or upgrade. It might cause some issues, in my opinion.
  19. Not sure If it could be helpful, but I can confirm that once the user has cleared the list, OA automatically keeps adding entries to the Domains list - you just need to wait and surf the Internet.
  20. Thanks, guys. I was looking at the Emsisoft Anti-Malware update log instead of the OA one, sorry. So there was no update for OA yesterday, as pointed out by Arthur
  21. Hello, Today (22/10) I received no updates for OA. Latest update I got was from yesterday (a2wl.dat). Perhaps, some server-side issues? Best regards -------------- System Info: Win XP Pro SP3 Avast! Free AV 8.0.1497 Online Armor Free *Avast!/OA mutually excluded HostsMan 4.0.95 (MVPS HOSTS + hpHosts "ad/tracking servers only") HostsServer 2.0.57 Norton ConnectSafe aka Norton DNS v2
  22. I've been usiig Avast+OA for ages, checking "Intercept loopback interface" did the job in my system. System Information: Win XP Pro SP3 Avast! Free AV 8.0.1489 Online Armor Free *Avast!/OA mutually excluded
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