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  1. Sorry, at first I did not realize you were Italian. Yeah, I noticed several not translated strings when I updated my father's PC to OA 5.0 - I use the English version though.
  2. mmmh... also the Italian version shows "not-translated" parts... :/
  3. When you install OA's Firewall it turns off Windows firewall...
  4. The list showed in the picture is not a simple list of trusted programs. It is the OA's Exclusions list. Exclusions Tab: This tab allows you to specify folders that will not be monitored by Online Armor in any way, preventing pop-ups or restrictions of any kind by Online Armor for the programs within the specified folders. Adding your browser to the Exclusions is a very bad idea. While browsing the Internet you may run into malwares, excluding your browser's folder/subfolders will automatically allow any of those malwares to run and be ignored by Online Armor. You should immediately remove the browser from that list. Regards, N.
  5. You're welcome, Hanziness. P.S. - Please, be sure to also check the box on the left hand to include subfolders in OA's Exclusions
  6. This problem may occur when Avast! is not in the Exclusions list of OA and OA is not in the Exclusions list of Avast! File System Shield. However, I suppose you have already set those exclusions.
  7. You are both right. I tried again with Hidden Proccess Detection unchecked and this time the entry was still there in the History tab. Thanks again, N.
  8. Thank you very much, catprincess. I think it could be a (little) bug related to the Hidden Proccess Detection... Anyway, let me know if you want me to post this question under the "Online Armor 5.0" thread so that some of the devs could take a look... Cheers, N.
  9. Exactly. It never showed up in the History of the old version. Do you think it could be a bug? By the way, could you please check your History at the next boot? You may need to enable Hidden Proccess Detection first. Thanks so much, N.
  10. Hi, Every time I restart my system, OA shows this entry: OADump.exe I have not experienced any blue screen and "C:\WINDOWS\Minidump" folder is empty. No pop-ups, just that "OADump.exe" entry in History at each boot. Seems like OA forgets each time about that component. Hidden Proccess Detection is enabled. Learning Mode doesn't help. OADump.exe is not present in Programs nor in Autoruns. Regards, N. System Info: Windows XP Pro SP3 OA 5 Free / Clean install Avast! Free 6 AV
  11. Thanks, catprincess Yeah, actually I was thinking about that particular scenario... : )
  12. I was wondering if it's now possible to manually set entries to Not-Trusted status? Regards, N.
  13. Please, don't forget to include also subfolders by checking the box on the left: image If you are using a pay version of OA, you may also be interested in a recent thread about the effects of the exclusion of Avast! folder on Banking Mode:
  14. I'd also suggest to temporary turn off User Account Control before starting with a clean install of OA. Regards, N.
  15. You're welcome, ratman As I mentioned before I'm using Windows XP. I'm not sure about Windows 7, though. N.
  16. Sure, no problem: (Autoruns) *Windows XP Pro SP3 / OA Free
  17. I have entries related to some OA's drivers, however I'm using Windows XP Pro - not sure about Windows 7
  18. It seems the best solution if you cannot add the whole folder. You should also check that all entries both in Programs and Autoruns related to OA were set to Trusted (green).
  19. Have you added all your security software with real-time guard to OA's exclusions list and vice versa? Regards, N.
  20. You are welcome, Lucent. Glad to hear it's fully working now. N.
  21. Hi Lucent, As far as I know uninstalling OA (into safe mode), rebooting twice and then reinstalling OA should usually fix this issue. Not sure if there were other ways to sort this out - so if you prefer, you can wait for instructions from other users. Just in case, I would also suggest to temporary turn off Windows User Account Control before reinstalling OA. Regards, N.
  22. Hi ses6239, Have you added all your security software with real-time guard (Avg2011, etc) to the OA's exclusions list and vice versa? You can read more on OA's exclusions list here: Regards, N.
  23. I think the OP already tried deleting and recreating those entries because he followed my directions about Learning Mode... :/ As far as I know the only thing he has not yet tried is the Safety Check Wizard (using the trust all option).
  24. You're welcome, valrick. So OA automatically blocks the program after each boot without asking, forgetting your previous decisions. Am I right? Unfortunately at the moment I have no idea about how to fix this - apart from using Learning Mode, which didn't work out though. Perhaps more experienced users may suggest you something else... N.