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  1. Is that the History you got after exiting Learning Mode? The program now seems to be fully allowed to start and run... However, I think I misunderstood the issue initially (although the recommendations would be the same I suggested in my previous post). OA forgets these decisions (the ones from your History) after rebooting and ask again for permission each time. Is this correct? Usually Learning Mode (as described in my post) would fix this strange behaviour but in your case it doesn't seem to work...
  2. Not a good idea, IMO. Your default program to run DVD will not be monitored by Online Armor in any way. As previously suggested by stapp: If you have time you could try closing WinDVD and deleting all the items related to it in the Programs List and in Autoruns - clear also the entry in the exclusions list. After that put OA in Learning Mode - Please, keep in mind that you must be sure that your system is free of malware before enabling Learning Mode because any malware on your system while in Learning Mode will automatically be allowed to run and ignored by Online Armor. Reboot your system and start WinDVD. Play with it for a few seconds and then close it. Exit Learning Mode, go to the Programs List, search for all the items related to WinDVD and trust all of them. I hope this may help you. You can read more about Learning Mode here: Regards, N.
  3. You can find all the info related to debug logging (enabling it, etc) here: Regards, N.
  4. Thank you very much, catprincess : ) Ah, sorry - I thought the entry posted by sded was exactly the same also for your OS :/ Cheers, N.
  5. Actually in XP we should see "Deny, Owner" and not only "Deny" (W7x64) next to BUILTIN\Administrators... Am I wrong on this? Could you confirm that it is normal to see "MANDATORY" next to "BUILTIN\Users" in XP if the program is set to RunSafer?
  6. XP SP3 OA Free, no Sandboxie. FF is set to Run Safer. I have the same line of the OP: BUILTIN\Users - MANDATORY Perhaps, it is normal...
  7. I assumed that perhaps possible conflicts between OA HIPS and behavior blocker technology may be solved by disabling the Behaviour Shield but I'm running the free version of Avast! and I cannot experiment by myself - no pure sandboxing in this version. Also, I have no idea if auto-sandbox depends on/relies on Behaviour Shield.
  8. Hi sded, What happens if you disable the behaviour shield? does this solve the issues with RS+SB?
  9. P.S. - sorry for my broken English
  10. While waiting to receive the needed system information, I would bring to the OP's attention that in the past some users claimed that turning Web Shield off solved all their "slow Intenet surfing" issues. I hope this could help. Regards, N.
  11. I don't think Run Safer would really hurt performance, because OA does not restrict programs directly. It simply tells Windows to impose limited user account restrictions... : )
  12. Perhaps you could try excluding OA in Windows Defender and vice versa. Don't have Windows Defender myself so I'm not sure if it's actually possible to exclude OA. Do you have the entire OA folder added to the exclusions list of the Avast's File System Shield?
  13. You could try adding Avira Premium to the OA's Exclusions list (under Options). Do the same for MBAM Pro if it has some sort of real-time guard. Don't forget to check the box on the left to include also subfolders: image I would also recommend to exclude OA from Avira's real-time guard (and maybe from MBAM Pro guard, see above) You may want to read more on OA's Exclusions tab here: Regards, N.
  14. As far as I know auto-sanboxed applications have red border since Avast!6 - so the OA Green Border should still be present with un-sanboxed applications... (However, I run Avast! Free and I only have Autosanbox feature) Regards, N.
  15. I would also suggest to turn off Avast! before installing OA in order to have the opportunity for excluding the entire Avast!'s folder before rebooting the system.
  16. Going to OA's Exclusions list under Options and adding the Avast! folder (Alwil Software or AVAST Software depending on your installation) could solve the problem. Don't forget to check the box on the left to include also subfolders: image You may want to read more on OA's Exclusions tab here: Regards, N.
  17. Hi malik, I think it would be helpful to provide detailed information about your other security software (those with real-time guards). Regards, N.
  18. You are welcome, fotyc - and don't forget to exclude also subfolders checking the box on the left:
  19. Have you added AVG Antivirus to OA's exclusions list and vice versa? Regards, N.
  20. You are welcome, strdstrx. I know you weren't complaining about my suggestions - and sorry for my "rude" English by the way. After disabling Learning Mode you can always check the History for any program automatically allowed by OA and, if you want, you can manually revert its status. You could read more on Learning Mode here: Cheers, N.
  21. I suggested to add the game to the list of exclusions only temporarily. It's not even a temporary workaround, it was only a test. At this point, you might want to try my other directions or maybe wait for some other user's support. Regards, N.
  22. Did you trust and allow every items related to Far Cry (and Firefox) in Programs? It seems like OA keeps scanning FC even after exiting the game... Just as an experiment, you could try temporary adding FC to the exclusions list and see if this solves the problem. If it does, then you could try using learning mode (after clearing the FC entry in the exclusions list) as explained in this post: Please, be sure that your system is free of malware before enabling Learning Mode because any malware on your system while in Learning Mode will automatically be allowed to run and ignored by Online Armor. Anyway, I trust that more experienced users may help if my suggestions do not work. Regards, N.
  23. It's the answer I was looking for. As always, thank you : )
  24. Thanks a lot, Catprincess. Just another question. Considering Internet performance and security, should I trust the Gateway (Router) or should I simply leave it as Unknown (through an "un-trusted" Network Interface)? I don't use Netbios - and XP NetBIOS Helper Service is also disabled. N.
  25. You are right. Restricted ports do apply to Internet connections in general and to local connections depending on the status of both the interface and individual computers. By the way, I just noticed that these references in the Web Help have been updated (now the Computers List section shows notes on Restricted Ports). Anyway, my question was about the reason why an "unknown" Gateway (Router) can connect to my LAN through an "un-trusted" Network Interface, I thought that the connection should be denied if the gateway connects to my computer through a network interface that is Not-Trusted. However, I had not thought that perhaps it can connect to my computer without any restrictions just because it only uses port 80, which is obviously not restricted... Am I wrong on this? N.