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  1. I installed the new version of (which is " 3.3" released on January 25, 2011 - not "LibreOffice". By the way, LibreOffice is just a fork...) a couple of days ago and after selecting Install Mode, no pop-ups came up. Usually the easiest way to stop pop-ups during programs installation is to be sure to make use of the Install Mode option. In your case, it seems something went wrong...
  2. Perhaps the first time during the Safety Check Wizard scan, you chose to automatically trust everything. In that case, trusted applications are not listed as keyloggers.
  3. Hi, go to Programs/Otions: Notify when Online Armor contacts OASIS in realtime. Then just untick the check-box. (If you need more information: Online Armor Web Help)
  4. Unfortunately I think that in the case described by the OP it won't work. Mainly because those dll files keep changing their names every time that RadioTracker8 loads its Plug-in manager. However I could be wrong... As temporary workaround the OP may try excluding the program's dll forder in OA (options/exclusions) though.
  5. Hi Geoff, You could try deleting all the items related to the program in the Programs list and after that put OA in Learning Mode. Then you should open both Excel and Word, close both of them, exit Learning Mode, go to the Programs list, search for the related items and trust all of them.
  6. I would also recommend to temporary turn the User Account Control off before (re)installing OA
  7. I would like... Only Deleted check-box to view only programs that are no longer present in the Autoruns list.
  8. You're welcome, Geoff. You should definitely exclude also "(E)xecute" in the File System Shield. Sorry, I thought it was implied but next time I'll be more specific. Glad your system now boots up perfectly
  9. Did you see any placeholders showing that an item was blocked? Although I'm assuming the embedded IE showed the same blank screen... Sorry, I have no other suggestions at the moment :/ PS - as a final suggestion, you may try to add "*" to the trusted web sites list after restoring the original settings.
  10. Yeas I do mean individually: every one that is an executable ".exe" file - sorry for my English by the way. The only purpose of this specific exclusion for the moment is to save some system resources, IMHO. Actually the brand new Behaviour Shield has not been turned completely on yet. As far as I know it won't stop any attacks as default - unless you manually change the settings I suppose. It silently works in passive mode reporting attacks to the Avast "Home" in order to collect enough data before fully enabling the protective shield in 2011 (See this post on the Avast Forum) Hope this helps, N.
  11. Just curious, does it work if you untick the box near Prompt when blocking content on unknown sites and then tick the box near Show in web browser when content is silently blocked? Those settings are in Web Sites/Options Also, you have to clear temporary internet files for your the browser again and then manually unblock each individual blocked item showed in the page.
  12. Hi, You may also need to clear your browser cache after adding and trusting those entries to the web sites list.
  13. You may also need to clear your browser cache (or perhaps just refresh the web page) to apply the changes suggested by Ctrlaltdelete
  14. I'm not sure if in the past I was able to only tick or untick (one way or the other) the wireless interface in my father's PC - which has two network interfaces. Currently I cannot untick the interface in use in my PC - my machine has only one interface.
  15. Sorry, I have no idea how it works with a standard modem/dialup connection and with the AOL software that creates your connection.
  16. Those columns are a bit confusing sometimes... They are green when the network interface is active or connected. If you untick the first column (active), then both columns ("Active" and "Address, Mask") will change to grey colour (which stays for interface "disabled").
  17. Sorry, I don't understand your question very well. Are you asking if OA is able to lookup external IP address (geteway) regardless of the network adapters installed/used?
  18. glad to hear that everything went just fine
  19. You might consider to just enter OA into learning mode before running Avast! updating process. Once the process is completed, reboot twice and then exit learning mode.
  20. Hi, you might find useful what Webhelp says about this option: New networks discovery – Allows Online Armor to detect new networks and lets you assign separate trust statuses to each new network via a popup. When this option is enabled, the interface status will then reflect the Trust status of the network you are currently connected to. If this option is disabled, Online Armor will not detect new networks and they will instead be treated according to the Trust status you have previously chosen for your interface. This option is enabled by default. Link
  21. Hi Oxa, There's also another recent thread about OA/Avast! on this forum, perhaps you may want to take a look:
  22. Hi, my directions refer to Avast! Free 5.1.864 (latest stable). In previous versions you cannot add executable files to the trust list of the Behaviour Shield because there are no options/customizable settings for that protection. Anyway, imho the most important thing is the exclusion of OA folder/subfolders (adding "\*" to the folder's location) in the File System Shield's setting tab.
  23. Perhaps at this point you may also consider to install the pre-release suggested by Wilpower2k3 from the scratch instead of simply updating your current version...