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  1. Is my browsing less safe as a result or can I infer from the quote above that it's only banking mode that isn't working properly but that I'm otherwise protected with OA Premium. I can always boot from my Ubuntu Live Disk to do my banking although I did like banking mode when it was working properly. What would you advise?

    Considering the explanation given by Catprincess, we can infer that apart from the banking mode not properly working, you have the full protection provided by OA Premium.

    Perhaps, if you like to use the banking mode, you might temporary disable Avast! from the tray icon only for that specific session...

  2. No you aren't wrong :) Only unknown programs that are executed from within the excluded directory are able to do so without OA asking you. An unknown file that executes from your temporary internet files (say a drive by download type thing) would be most definitely result in OA issuing a popup. The same goes for any other location that isn't excluded.

    Thanks so much, Catprincess

    [OT] - @Catprincess, I'm almost sure that a couple of days ago I accidentally added and removed you as a friend while randomly clicking buttons on the forum and messing up my account... I'm sorry for that : D

  3. Exclusions means that everything for that program is excluded and in the case where that program is filtering your web traffic, this is excluded also.

    Even tough the web traffic is excluded due to the exclusion of the "filtering program", it doesn't mean that if you are browsing the internet and accidentally get some malware file through your browser, OA will allow it to run on your system without alerting you. Am I wrong, Catprincess?

  4. My AV is Avast and I've needed to exclude Avast in OA and OA in Avast. Does a proxy server come into play here?

    Avast! filters Internet content operating as a proxy server. Web applications such as your browsers are automatically configured to connect to Avast! in order to connect to the Internet. Those connections are created using the Loopback Interface.

    You might also want to intercept those connections, please see "Intercept Loopback interface" from the OA Web Help (this option is enabled by default):



  5. Thanks Nick - yes that's the same as the pop up I saw - I selected Remember, Trust and Install every time it came up. I had the same issue when I installed Intel App Up and Angry Birds - LOADS of pop ups despite clicking all three boxes.

    Would disabling Program Guard stop these permenantly?

    You are welcome.

    I would recommend not to disable Program Guard, in any case. As a temporary workaround you can manually enable Learning Mode when you need to install new applications. Be sure that your computer is free of infection before enabling Learning Mode.

    You can read more about Learning Mode here:

    However, I would recommend to check your OA current installation.

    Be sure that Online Armor is installed correctly and that all the drivers and components of OA are both trusted and allowed. If you had another firewall/HIPS installed, check that there are no leftover components. Many firewalls do not uninstall completely and leftover components are a common cause of problems.

    If you have other security software currently installed, set mutually exclusions to avoid conflicts between applications.

    Please, provide the following information so that more experienced users can assist you:

    - The version of Windows you are using

    - The version number of Online Armor

    - Other security software currently installed

    - Any previously installed firewalls

  6. I think the problem was I didn't choose install mode before I started the install, I selected it in the pop ups that came on screen.

    Usually soon after launching an installer, OA shows you a pop-up with the Install Mode option. In my previous post I was referring to something similar to this one:


    Next time, try choosing both Remember my decision/Trust this program and Install mode as soon as they are shown in the first pop-up and see what happens.

    Perhaps, when you launched the LibreOffice installer, you didn't choose "Install Mode" immediately in the first pop-up but only after...


  7. I installed the new version of (which is " 3.3" released on January 25, 2011 - not "LibreOffice". By the way, LibreOffice is just a fork...) a couple of days ago and after selecting Install Mode, no pop-ups came up.

    Usually the easiest way to stop pop-ups during programs installation is to be sure to make use of the Install Mode option. In your case, it seems something went wrong...

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  8. I had exactly the same thing happen to me with Microsoft Office, I was advised to reboot, click on learning mode, load Radiotracker fully, turn off learning mode. I haven't had one popup reminder since.

    Unfortunately I think that in the case described by the OP it won't work. Mainly because those dll files keep changing their names every time that RadioTracker8 loads its Plug-in manager. However I could be wrong...

    As temporary workaround the OP may try excluding the program's dll forder in OA (options/exclusions) though.

  9. Thanks Nick that's most helpful, I will add all of them. After the recent Avast prog update, I've had so many problems with conflicts between OA & Avast at startup (which was taking up to 20 minutes!). Deactivating HIPS in OA worked, but then you don't get the benefit of Program Guard, Web Shield & Keyloggers. Then I had a breakthrough, I had already in Avast set exculsions up in Real Time Shield, then File System Shield, then Expert Settings, then Exclusions and added C:\Programs\Online Armor\* but I had only ticked Read & Write, I still had problems. But then I ticked (E)xecute and my system now boots up perfectly. I had already excluded Avast in OA under Options, Exclusions, but I think the real key to these conflicts is the Exclusion in Avast's Files System Shield.

    Thanks again


    You're welcome, Geoff.

    You should definitely exclude also "(E)xecute" in the File System Shield. Sorry, I thought it was implied but next time I'll be more specific.

    Glad your system now boots up perfectly ;)

  10. When you say "add executable files to the trusted list of the Behaviour Shield" do you mean individually, every one that is an application i.e. oacat, oadump, oahlp, oamine, oasrv, oascan, oaui, oaview. I've done all the other exclusions.

    Yeas I do mean individually: every one that is an executable ".exe" file - sorry for my English by the way.

    The only purpose of this specific exclusion for the moment is to save some system resources, IMHO.

    Actually the brand new Behaviour Shield has not been turned completely on yet.

    As far as I know it won't stop any attacks as default - unless you manually change the settings I suppose. It silently works in passive mode reporting attacks to the Avast "Home" in order to collect enough data before fully enabling the protective shield in 2011 (See this post on the Avast Forum)

    Hope this helps,


  11. Tried that already. Didn't work out.

    Just curious, does it work if you untick the box near Prompt when blocking content on unknown sites and then tick the box near Show in web browser when content is silently blocked?

    Those settings are in Web Sites/Options

    Also, you have to clear temporary internet files for your the browser again and then manually unblock each individual blocked item showed in the page.