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  1. I've done as suggested. But what does this option really mean?

    Hi, you might find useful what Webhelp says about this option:

    New networks discovery – Allows Online Armor to detect new networks and lets you assign separate trust statuses to each new network via a popup. When this option is enabled, the interface status will then reflect the Trust status of the network you are currently connected to. If this option is disabled, Online Armor will not detect new networks and they will instead be treated according to the Trust status you have previously chosen for your interface. This option is enabled by default.


  2. The Behavior Shield in Avast! 5.0.667 does not appear to provide for trusted processes.

    Hi, my directions refer to Avast! Free 5.1.864 (latest stable).

    In previous versions you cannot add executable files to the trust list of the Behaviour Shield because there are no options/customizable settings for that protection.

    Anyway, imho the most important thing is the exclusion of OA folder/subfolders (adding "\*" to the folder's location) in the File System Shield's setting tab.

  3. Stapp is right, you should neither turn off those services nor change their status. Moreover Windows Firewall is automatically turned on when you manually close and shutdown OA - then those services are required.

    I don't know if OA can be installed from safe mode, if so, is it preferable?

    Stapp replied to this question in his post. I would recommend to uninstall (if you need for some reason to do that) OA always in safe mode though.

  4. Has anyone thought about about an optimal OA / Avast! configuation set?

    Win XP Pro SP3

    OA Free (latest stable release)

    Avast! AV Free (latest stable release)

    All shield and protections enabled (except OA Web Shield) with no problems.

    First it's important to exclude Avast! in OA.

    Then I would suggest to be sure that both OA folder and subfolders are excluded in Avast! AV, adding them to the exclusions list you can find in the File System Shield settings (real-time protection).

    Several users tend to simply add OA to the exclusions list you can find in the general settings/options. Actually those exclusions will only be applied to on-demand/scheduled personal scans and not to the Avast! AV real-time protection, as far as I know.

    With regard to the latest version of Avast!, it would be also a good idea to add all the OA executables to the trust list of the Behaviour Shield, just to save system resources.

  5. Windows Event Viewer shows OAWatch.dll could be the problem here. It is mentioned in some of the logs.

    Excluding might be the temporary solution, but i use Xfire to launch most of my games and I'm not sure how they will act when parent process is excluded from OA protection. For now i just disable XIG in those games, or try yo live with it but i would rather find some real solution :)

    Does Xfire create a file called GameOverlayUI.exe in a specific subfolder located in Program Files? If the answer is yes, you could try excluding that specific folder.

  6. It was like that back when I dualbooted myself and have been like that every time the question has come up since then - so unless Emsisoft has decided to change this, the user would require two licenses for that setup.


    Thanks, Martin. I didn't know how it works because I use the free version. However I had supposed that a single license was for a single machine and not for a single OS.

  7. I really wouldn't recommend trying it. Even set to start manually, the drivers are still loaded at boot and having two different versions of OA's drivers running at the same time could result in all kinds of trouble.

    I thought that the installer simply would update OA from version 4.0 to 4.5 replacing the old drivers with the newer ones. In other words I had no idea that updating from version 4.0 could cause troubles... :/

    EDIT: ehm... sorry, I misread the OP question - please, ignore this post.

    Moreover I forgot also to say that I wish you all a very happy and safe new year! :P