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  1. It was moved to a new thread just to provide better support and avoid any confusion: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/10734-interface-language-looks-creepy/
  2. Try looking at the second image of the original post. The list should be full-size as the rest of OA window, instead it appears incomplete (it's not full-sized like the rest).
  3. Also, there's something wrong with the rendering in the first two pics. Some users reported the same issue when using Italian GUI (it doesn't happen with the English one).
  4. This morning I received updates for both a2trust.dat and a2wl.dat. Thank you. @blues - No problem, I waited a few days too. Usually a2wl.dat is updated on a daily basis..
  5. Thanks, Fabian. I was going to report that also my father observed the same issue with his system (same OS/security software of mine).
  6. Hello, I've not received any black or white list updates lately. a2trust.dat - latest update: 13/02/2013 a2wl.dat - latest update: 16/02/2013 Manually checking for updates results in "your OA in up to date" message. System Information: Win XP Pro SP3 Avast! Free AV 7.0.1474.765 Online Armor Free HostMan/HostsServer 3.2.73 (MVPS HOSTS + hpHosts "ad/tracking servers only") Norton ConnectSafe aka Norton DNS v2
  7. Current version of Firefox (18.0.2) doesn't feature a built-in PDF viewer. However, as far as I know, Firefox 19 will: https://blog.mozilla.org/futurereleases/2013/01/11/mozilla-tests-a-built-in-secure-pdf-viewer-in-firefox-beta-leveraging-the-power-of-html5/ (Mozilla tests a built-in, secure, PDF viewer in Firefox Beta leveraging the power of HTML5) Best regards, N.
  8. Yeah, that's exactly the reason why they say "never run two HIPS at the same time and don't even try to install them on the same system"... Luckily, you were able to solve the problem.
  9. Hello, The "Enable active subnet scan" option is ticked, isn't it?
  10. Why not just checking "Autoconfigure trusted programs"? " Autoconfigure trusted programs (Advanced mode only) – Allows you to change whether Online Armor will automatically create rules to allow ports and protocols as programs use them. Disabling this option will cause Online Armor to pop-up any time a program uses a new port or protocol not covered by an existing rule. " In any case, you will be asked to allow trusted programs to access the Internet, it won't be automatically allowed (since you haven't checked "Automatically allow trusted programs to access the Internet"). The benefit is that OA wouldn't pop-up any time a trusted (and manually allowed by you) program uses a new port or protocol not covered by an existing rule. Also, you could keep creating rules for untrusted program manually.
  11. @trujwin, that's not a new inclusion to FF, it has been there for a long time now - If I remember correctly the option is pre-checked by default.
  12. Blues is right, a certificate is not a guarantee of safety. However, I've been having the "automatically trust programs signed with valid digital signatures" option enabled since when it was first introduced, mainly because I'd like to receive as less pop-ups as possible. For security reasons (as pointed by blues in his post), I've also set OA to automatically look for updates once a day, so I can have the whitelist/blacklist files up-to-date. Options/Check for updates: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Options.shtml
  13. Hey, welcome back! P.S., and Happy Holiday!
  14. @catprincess Thanks. Neither do I. I was just not completely sure Firefox set to RunSafer wouldn't corrupt the Flash installation/upgrade. @dallas7 Well, I've always considered that an unnecessary/redundant step when Firefox (the main process) is set to RunSafer. The reason being that the plugin-container process would inherit the 'Run Safer' setting in any case. Best regards
  15. As for Trusteer Rapport: You can read more about known and confirmed Online Armor issues here: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/5208-known-online-armor-issues/
  16. Hello, When upgrading the Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Firefox should I run Firefox without restrictions to avoid a corrupted installation or any other possible issues? I have Firefox set to RunSafer and I usually update Flash Player using the executables you can find here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html (Adobe Flash Player Distribution). Until now, I always disable RunSafer before upgrading Flash (or, by the way, before upgrading Firefox itself), but I'd like to know if it's an unecessary step. System Information: Win XP Pro SP3 Avast! Free AV 7.0.1474.765 Online Armor Free Firefox latest version Adobe Flash Player latest version
  17. You're welcome - and by the way, that was not a stupid question at all. If you have further doubts about how OA works and need some more information or support/assistance, just ask the Forum. Someone from Emsisoft will help you as soon as possible. Yes, that happens when you set your router to "not trusted" (using Distrust option). Kind regards, N.
  18. Hello, The Computers list shows other computers in your local network that Online Armor can see. This list allows you to control what computers in your network may connect to your computer, usually to access shared files or printers across the network. (...) The Computers list is organized using a table with the following columns: Computer – The network address (IP address), hardware (MAC) address, and possibly the computer name of the other computer seen on the network. Status – Indicates whether the computer is Trusted, Unknown, or Not Trusted. (Unlabeled) – The last column, which is not labeled, shows a light bulb if the computer has been located and is turned on. (...) [from OA Web Help: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Firewall.shtml - Computers List section] The one marked as 'Getaway' is usually your router. You may want to have a look at the Computers List section of the Web Help to learn more about the topic (computers' restrictions, options, etc) Best regards, N. Edit: details/information added
  19. When I wrote that line, I was referring to the action of trusting a program in OA and what this action implies/means (i.e. "If a program comes from a trusted source & if you have installed that program intentionally & you have been using that program intentionally, you should definitely trust it "). I was not referring to the particular issue you are experiencing with DC Plu Plus - and I hope you can solve that issue as soon as possible.
  20. Honestly, I think you are missing or deliberately ignoring an important point when using OA. If a program comes from a trusted source & if you have installed that program intentionally & you have been using that program intentionally, you should definitely trust it. Trusting a program, in those specific case, is not exactly "unnecessary". This is the way OA works and this is the way it has always worked. Perhaps other HIPS software works differently, I don't know, but that's not the point here. As for P2P clients or software that handles internet content, you might want to use "RunSafer": http://www.emsisoft....-RunSafer.shtml Obviously, it's up to you follow those directions or not - I'm just an user By the way, sorry for my English.
  21. If I may put my two cents in, since DC++ is a peer-to-peer file-sharing client, honestly, I'd suggest/prefer trusting it rather than adding it to OA exclusions.
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