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  1. Hello zee, Are both programs trusted in the Programs list? If not, please try trusting them. You may also want to try deleting all the items related to those two programs in the Programs list (after closing both programs). Then run the two programs again, both allowing and trusting all the entries related to them you can find in the Programs list.
  2. Hello, while waiting for an official reply from the Emsisoft team, have you tried excluding Avast! (File System Shied/Expert Settings/Exclusions) and OA (Options/Exclusions Tab) from each other and then rebooting the system?
  3. Hello, I've seen that issue happening in the past when OA and the other security software (with real time protection) installed on the system were not mutually excluded. However, I guess that you probably have already set all the advisable exclusions between Avast and OA.
  4. Hello, You may need to wait a little more for a reply - as it's currently the weekend. I am sure that soon you will receive technical assistance from Emsisoft. Best regards
  5. Doesn't Avast Internet Security come with its own firewall? I can see from your post that you're using OA Free, I'd tend to believe that you have currently two different firewalls installed on your system...
  6. No, my father was not able to but yesterday morning he told me that everything is working flawlessly now.
  7. Same here. It started 2-3 days ago. Win XP Pro SP3 (Hardware DEP) Avast! Free AV 7.0.1466 Online Armor Free *Avast!/OA mutually excluded
  8. It may sound pretty obvious - just in case, sorry in advance - but have you tried rebooting your laptop?
  9. Hello AbDoU, You can read more about Online Armor's RunSafer here: http://www.emsisoft....-RunSafer.shtml I hope it may help. Regards, N.
  10. Thanks for the helpful information, Andrey. The "trust everything" option in my specific case was a very usefull feature when after the installation/setup I opted to password-protect OA for people who cannot properly handle HIPS software (so no pop-ups and no decisions to take for unknown programs, etc...)
  11. I have no idea where I should post a question concerning the new public beta release - just in case I'm posting in the wrong place, I'm sorry. From OA Beta ChangeLog: Removed the time consuming safety check wizard after installation. Checks are now done in realtime When installing OA for the first time, is it still possible to trust everything on the computer before restarting the system? Up until the current beta we could select to trust everything found by the Wizard... Thanks
  12. Thanks, Andrey. Your answer is very clear. Best regards, N.
  13. Hello, I've been using OA since the Tall Emu years. I have a question concerning the clean install. I've asked the same question in the past but still I have some doubts so, please, excuse me for asking again now. With the early versions of OA the best way to uninstall it was to remove the software in Safe Mode (OS: Win XP PRO SP3) and then reboot twice. As regards the current stable version, is it still better to uninstall OA in Safe Mode in order to prevent as many leftovers as possible? Thank you and sorry for my English, N. System Information: Win XP Pro SP3 (Hardware DEP) Avast! Free AV 7.0.1466 Online Armor Free *Avast!/OA mutually excluded HostMan/HostsServer 3.2.73 (MVPS HOSTS + hpHosts "ad/tracking servers only") Norton ConnectSafe aka Norton DNS v2
  14. Actually the current version number is (as per catprincess' post) and not the one reported in the download page. The reason is that OA will upgrade itself once version is installed on the system (i.e. using the internal updater).
  15. Yes, the Emsisoft's digital signature blacklist (a2trust.dat) and the whitelist signatures (a2wl.dat).
  16. Isn't that the latest version?
  17. In order to remove Avast!, the OP should just run the Avast! Uninstall Tool in Safe Mode, as described in the link posted by GT500: http://www.avast.com/uninstall-utility It's very important to run it multiple times, one for each version that had been installed on the system.
  18. You may want to password-protect OA to restrict access to the settings: Set Password: http://www.emsisoft..../Settings.shtml Enable GUI autolock: http://www.emsisoft....a/Options.shtml Regards
  19. Try unchecking "Monitor the system for unauthorized modifications" in the Avast Behavior Shield expert settings and see if it helps.
  20. That's how it should work for a " session" basis event/decision, in my opinion. Those events should not be enlisted in the Firewall tab - just the opposite for permanent user decisions. Another option would be a system reboot (ending session)...
  21. In the past I experienced similar issues when the whole Avast folder was not excluded in OA. Perhaps...
  22. Thank you, ctrlaltdelete. So if I understood correctly, the full scan uses by default DDA but only for certain system areas. Next time I will try the full scan instead of the custom one. If the same issue reappears, I'll manually enter that fix.
  23. Thank you very much, ctrlaltdelete. I was getting mad! I checked the hard disk DMA mode and it had been set to PIO mode from the correct ULTRA DMA mode, without any notification to the user. I followed these: Double-click Administrative Tools, and then click Computer Management. Click System Tools, and then click Device Manager. Expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers node. Double-click the controller for which you want to restore the typical DMA transfer mode. Click the Driver tab. Click Uninstall. When the process completes, restart your computer. When Windows restarts, the hard disk controller is re-enumerated and the transfer mode is reset to the default value for each device that is connected to the controller. and now the faster transfer mode (ULTRA DMA) is re-enabled. Now I guess I must avoid using "direct disk access" when scanning the system with the EEK (by the way I use the direct disk access with the Avast! Boot Scanner without any issues). Is that a known issue? May I ask you also another question? Does the Full Scan in the EEK turn on the "direct disk access" by default? If you need some other information (see also below) about my system/HD for future reference, let me know. Thank you very much again for your help, N. -------------------------------------- Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 Device Model: ST3500418AS Firmware Version: CC38 User Capacity: 500.107.862.016 bytes [500 GB] Sector Size: 512 bytes logical/physical ATA Version is: 8 ATA Standard is: ATA-8-ACS revision 4 SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability. SMART support is: Enabled
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