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  1. Hello, this morning I did a custom scan with the latest version of the EEK (I have "installed" it on my system drive C), just to check my system as I usually do. I have also enabled the "Use direct disk access" for the very first time. Once the scan was completed and nothing was found I rebooted my system. By the way, I'm sure that my system is clean with no malware. Since then my system acts very sluggish, everything is slowed down. I'm not sure but the problem seems to be my local disc which has become very, very slow. During normal HD operations also the cursor moves and reacts slowy... This issue started after enabling the "Use direct disk access" option. Before proceeding with the EEK scan I turned off my AV. Thank you very much for your help and sorry for my English. System Information: Win XP Pro SP3 (Hardware DEP) Avast! Free AV 7.0.1426.0 Online Armor Free *Avast!/OA mutually excluded HostMan/HostsServer 3.2.73 (MVPS HOSTS + hpHosts "ad/tracking servers only") Norton DNS v2 (B-Security)
  2. Hello Fabian, is HTTPS still disabled? Because I'm not seeing it at the moment on Firefox 13
  3. Hello, generally speaking, as for the recent program releases, is it still a good procedure to uninstall OA in safe mode (Win XP) and reboot twice in order to do a clean/fresh install? Or would it be better if we uninstall OA in normal mode? Thanks in advance
  4. Not sure if it could be of any help to your investigation and, by the way, I don't want to hijack any thread (just reporting some info), but this morning before updating the Flash Plugin for Firefox using the full installer (http://www.adobe.com...tribution3.html), I enabled OA's Learning Mode. Well, after the installation process, I checked OA's Program List and it did block one of the "fpb.tmp" files, regardless of Learning Mode. Regards, N. Win XP Pro SP3 Avast! Free AV 7.0.1426.0 Online Armor Free
  5. Hello, I'm an Avast user. I would recommend that you exclude OA program folder and subfolders in the File System Shield (expert settings). I would suggest also excluding OA processes in the Behavior Shield (although I'm not completely sure it's necessary since I don't use that shield), Latest Avast versions allow users to exclude processes in the Web Shield too. However, I've never bothered setting those exclusions in the current version. Just in case, these are the OA's processes that connect to the Web: 1) oaui.exe 2) oasrv.exe 3) oadump.exe 4) oamine.exe 5) oarau.exe 6) oascan.exe (http://support.emsis...dpost__p__37785) As for OA, you could add the "AVAST Software" program folder and subfolders to the Exclusion List (I did). That will prevent any Avast related pop-ups from being showed. However, before setting any exclusions you should take a look at the Known Online Armor Issues: If your anti-virus solution uses a proxy to implement its web or email scanning capabilities and you excluded your anti-virus software in Online Armor then the Banking Mode may have no affect. (http://support.emsis...dpost__p__31544) Hope this helps.
  6. Honestly, I just turn on Learning Mode and use Windows Update via IE. Once the update process is completed, after the system reboot, I turn off LM and quickly check OA's History to see what happened. However, before enabling OA's Learning Mode - regardless of the circumstances - it is extremely important that you are completely sure that your system is free from any malware. I hope this might be helpful to you.
  7. I'll take this opportunity to ask another related question (however, let me now if I have to start a new thread). If we set Firefox to runsafer, should we do the same also for the plug-in-container or that's not necessary (as the the plug-in-container will eventually run as runsafer once invoked by the FF process? Thanks in advance
  8. I'm an user like you, I turn on Learning Mode each time I install MS updates. Then I reboot the system once before turning Learning Mode off. That way I can suppress any pop-ups. Regards
  9. @Koosharem, as far as I know Tea Timer (Spybot) and OA HIPS are incompatible - it's like runnig two HIPS at the same time: not a good idea. However, just to be sure, you had better ask Emsisoft Team for confirmation before rinning Tea Timer. Regards
  10. Thank you, stapp. I didn't know it was reported. I checked the forum before posting but I haven't found anything about it. By the way, do you have any idea on why oainj.exe was downloaded only after I run the online updater and not during the clean install?
  11. Hello, In the past versions there was a "purely cosmetic" issue in OA, at each boot two OA components were shown in the History: oahlp.exe and oaui.exe - just in case, you can see some old pics here: http://support.emsis...dpost__p__32832 When I did a clean install of OA the issue disappeared. However, yesterday after upgrading to the current OA build using the online update inside OA, the issue came back. That happened on both my parents' machine and mine. So I decided to do a clean install of OA on my machine and the issue disappeared again (not sure if it's relevant but after the fresh install I run the online updater and OA downloaded oainj.exe). Both machines have the same OS/security software. Do you think I should do a clean install of the 1557 build also on the machine where the issue is still present? Regards ------------------------- System Information: Win XP Pro SP3 (Hardware DEP) Avast! Free AV 6.0.1367 (Behaviour/Script Shield removed) Online Armor Free (Web Shield disabled) *Avast!/OA mutually excluded HostMan/HostsServer 3.2.73 (MVPS HOSTS) Norton DNS v2 (A-Security)
  12. Catprincess, very useful information since I couldn't test the program upgrade scenario by myself. Thank you very much for your help.
  13. Sorry, I meant Premium version indeed. Thanks for the link.
  14. Thank you very much for your quick reply, Fabian. I have not found that component in the main program folder of my father's PC so I decided to ask the forum, just to be sure. My father is actually considering to switch to the premium version in the next weeks, by the way. Regards
  15. Hello, after a clean install is it normal for OA Free to have avgate.exe (see attached pic) in the main program folder? I'm quite sure it has been automatically downloaded with the Whitelist Signatures etc. a couple of days ago. I've also checked my father's PC (same OS/security software) and that component is not present in the main program folder. System Information: Win XP Pro SP3 (Hardware DEP) Avast! Free AV 6.0.1367 (Behaviour/Script Shield removed) Online Armor Free (Web Shield disabled) *Avast!/OA mutually excluded HostMan/HostsServer 3.2.73 (MVPS HOSTS) Norton DNS v2
  16. I'd like to add that I have password-protected OA on my parents' PC (they are not computer-savvy) for security reasons. So it'd be very helpful for me to gain some information on how OA behaves in the situation described in my original post. Thank you so much in advance.
  17. Fabian, I'm using the free version so I didn't tried that before. However I've just tried clicking the "Activate another key" link in the Options/License and then I chose to use the freeware version. The key has changed and updates seem to work again now but the program version is still Online Armor Free and not the latest Should I run the new setupfile for Updates History entries: Created: 09/02/2012 17.52.12 Summary: Automatic Update successful Description: New threat database has been downloaded and installed Event type: Auto update(11) Event action: None(1) ---------------------------------------------------- Created: 09/02/2012 17.52.13 Summary: Automatic Update successful Description: New version of Online Armor components has been downloaded and installed Event type: Auto update(11) Event action: None(1)
  18. Thank you. Yesterday I had no problem with the updates in Online Armor Free Starting today every time I try to check for updates I receive this message error: Created: 09/02/2012 17.26.57 Summary: Automatic Update failed Description: OA: Cannot process online updates. Please check the internet connection settings or contact the support. Event type: Auto update(11) Event action: None(1) Any suggestions? ------ System Information: Win XP Pro SP3 (Hardware DEP) Avast! Free AV 6.0.1367 (Behaviour/Script Shield removed) Online Armor Free (Web Shield disabled) *Avast!/OA mutually excluded HostMan/HostsServer 3.2.73 (MVPS HOSTS) Norton DNS v2
  19. Hello, my question is about both OA 5.5 Free and OA 5.5 Premium. What happens if OA is password protected with locked GUI, the automatic daily updates are enabled and there's a new version available? Will OA silently upgrade? Will it prompt for rebooting the system? will it notify anything? And what about single module updates? any notifications to the user or system reboot request? Regards
  20. Hello, Can I install the latest free package over OA Free without removing the previous version?
  21. Thank you, Thomas. I think it was just a temporary issue with some server - it already happened in the past. In the afternoon the automatic update started working again. Regards
  22. Okay, now it's working flawlessly again.
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