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  1. Starting this morning, automatic update (white/black list) has failed. Error message (History): OA: Wrong response format Perahps it's just a temporary server-side issue... Regards, N. ------------------------ System Information: Win XP Pro SP3 (Hardware DEP) Avast! Free AV 6.0.1367 (Behaviour/Script Shield removed) Online Armor Free (Web Shield disabled) *Avast!/OA mutually excluded HostMan/HostsServer 3.2.73 (MVPS HOSTS) Norton DNS v2
  2. Well, did you choose Install Mode in the pop-up that appears immediately after having started the Flash installer? As far as I know the Online Help and both the Emsisoft Team and the Moderators on this forum strongly recommend to choose "Install Mode" for known and trustworthy installers, just to prevent that too many pop-ups may raise from Online Armor during the installation process - and that Flash installer is actually digitally signed.
  3. Thank you, Andrey. I didn't mean to hijack this thread. Simply I thought I was still on topic because with my request I wanted to avoid getting the same problem as the OP. However, it seems I was wrong. I'm sorry, will not happen again. Regards, N.
  4. Yeah, you're right. In the past I was forced to install the Ask toolbar stuff against my will thanks to a PDF reader that I had been using for years and that I had trusted until then...
  5. Hi Andrey, Could you please tell me if this services is required by OA to be "Started"? In my system Termservice is set to Manual (XP default configuration) and it is somehow automatically started. I'm asking because recently I was thinking about disabling it.
  6. When in the past I used the CDBurnerXP installer with OpenCandy, I never saw that warning pop-up of OA. Maybe things have changed in the last 8-10 months... In any case it is a good thing that OA warns about OpenCandy or similar incorporated advertising software that scan users' systems. Well done!
  7. I guess it sees what program you have installed on your system and then it suggests some other software that you might like. The default installer of CDBurnerXP (a program which I use) comes with OpenCandy. However, they also offer a version of the installer without OpenCandy (which I use).
  8. Hi pahuttun, I'm an Avast! user too. You should first set all the exclusions (File System, Autosandbox, Behavior shields) and then update OA. When possible It'd be better updating OA with the Avast Shields turned temporary off (right-clicking on the tray icon). Cheers
  9. Thank you, Andrey. Unfortunately I cannot add whole directories in the Web Shield's exclusions, but only processes. Anyway, I don't have any issue - I'm just adding them because usually I tend to exclude security software from each other as much as possible and this exclusion list for the Web Shield has been introduced only recently. Best regards, N.
  10. Hello, I'm going to add OA's processes to the Web Shield's exclusion list of a third party AV. Other than OAsrv.exe and OAui.exe, which are the other processes that connect to the Web? Perhaps OAcat.exe? Thank you, N.
  11. I'm sorry for this but when I posted my latest message I accidentally wrote "a2wl.dat" instead of "a2trust.dat" (I'm not able to edit it). What I really meant to say was that unfortunately no one in the other thread told me (officially or not) my a2trust.dat file was up to date. Thank you very much for having clarified the matter. As stated earlier, I was simply waiting for a confirmation or alternatively for useful directions when I started the aforementioned thread and kept posting on it. Now I have both. Regards, N.
  12. Just to clarify - and sorry once again for my English - I've never had any problems with the interpretation of those messages. I thought that the update issue was not yet solved in my case, just because no one in the other thread has (officially or not) said: "Hey Nick, don't worry, your a2wl.dat file is up to date!". Not sure if you get that reboot pop-up if OA is password-protected and the GUI still locked, though. I should check.
  13. Because originally there was an update issue that was fixed - see this post - so, after the fix, we confirmed that a2wl.dat was up to date but a2trust.dat was not (i.e. the file had never changed since my OP). At that point Andrey asked us about the MD5 of the file (MD5 after the update and MD5 after the upgrade) - see this other post - and we replied. No more info or confirmation at that point. This is the reason why I thought there was a problem with that file - and I was not the only one.
  14. Thanks, ctrlaltdelete. Could we infer that the a2trust.dat file ( 2011-09-27 15:30, MD5: fcbaeda2193291712a7158f353052d87) is up to date, or not? You may know about the recent DigiCert Sdn. Bhd. affair. Should we expect a file update soon? - I'm asking because I'd like to be sure that it's really working. Regards, N.
  15. We posted file details in this recent thread. However, having received no official confirmation, I assumed that I've been having an issue with the a2trust.dat file update.
  16. Thank you very much for your quick reply, Fabian. I've asked because (due to this recent issue) I'm temporarily disabling the following option: In addition, automatically trust programs signed with valid digital signatures. Unfortunately the file that contains the Emsisoft's digital signature blacklist it's also the one that is not being updated. Best regards, N.
  17. Hello, Could you please tell me which of the following two files contains the Emsisoft's digital signature blacklist (digital signatures that have been used in connection with fraudulent or malicious activities in the past): a2trust.dat or a2wl.dat? Thanks, N.
  18. Thanks, Catprincess. Probably the best thing to do is to revert back to daily updates also in the machines that I only take care of and don't really use on a daily basis (i.e. parents' PCs). Another question. Immediately after an automatic program update (software updates), will OA ask for a system-reboot in order to complete the update process also if it is password-protected and the GUI is still locked?
  19. Hey, I did not mean to correct you. Honestly I've no idea what happened. In one of my previous posts I just assumed it was a server-side issue...
  20. Hi, I need some advice. Do you think it's a bad idea to set the update interval to "every week" in OA Free? I'm asking because this way I could easily avoid automatic software update to OA Free without my control but still get automatic updates to OASIS/Blacklist/Whitelist on a weekly basis. [EDIT - Additional information] I have both these options ticked: - Automatically trust programs that Emsisoft deems trustworthy - In addition, automatically trust programs signed with valid digital signatures Regards, N.
  21. As for today, OA has updated only the a2wl.dat file: - a2trust.dat: 01/11/2011 MD5: fcbaeda2193291712a7158f353052d87 - which is also the MD5 hash of the file I "received" via the upgrade. Unfortunately I've lost the other information Andrey asked for, however this file has never changed since my OP, it's the same from 19/10: see here. - a2wl.dat: 2/11/2011 MD5: d5cac90e622854cf82044e6bad5607f4 *Both files are identical to those reported by Anon. Hi Anon, the issue does not seem to be strictly limited to the latest versions - see this post by Blues about version "1331" for details.
  22. Thank you very much, Fabian. On my father's laptop, OA Free automatically downloaded the new program update and asked to reboot the system in order to install the new version. After the update process was completed, I immediately checked the a2trust.dat and a2wl.dat files: a2trust.dat: 19/10/2011 a2wl.dat: 1/11/2011 At that point I manually downloaded and run the new setup over the same version of OA Free. Now both files seems to be updated: 1/11/2011 11.33 (considering the date and time I guess those two updated files come with the installation package though). Anyway, I'll manually check for blacklist/whitelist updates in the next few days and see what happens.
  23. Although the issue seems to be not strictly related to the latest version - see this post by Blues about version "1331" for details - I tried a clean install of OA on my father's PC to no avail - and it was a pain... I will not be able to check the updates on that PC in the next days though.
  24. a2trust.dat: fcbaeda2193291712a7158f353052d87 - It's the same MD5 hash of your example. a2wl.dat: ff88d2f07212338473d26c1a879f99eb - different from your example but it's the same MD5 hash reported by Blues. a2trust.dat & a2wl.dat were both created on 19/10. Also, I checked my father's PC and OA is having the same issue. OS and security software are the same for both the PCs. Apart from that issue OA is working flawlessly. [OT] As for log keeping problems, I don't know if it could be somehow related to this update problem but the "purely cosmetic" issue reported here is still present in the current version. [OT] System Information: Win XP Pro SP3 Avast! Free AV 6.0.1289 (Behaviour/Script Shield removed) Online Armor Free (Web Shield disabled) HostMan/HostsServer 3.2.73 (MVPS HOSTS) Norton DNS v2 *Avast!/OA mutually excluded
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