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  1. Hello, If a password has been set to protect OA and the user forgets the password, is it still possible to uninstall OA from Windows Safe Mode?
  2. Thank you, Fabian. I found out the same work around this morning and I was going to post it here.
  3. Firefox password manager still doesn't work properly.
  4. Hello, With the new forum layout the Firefox password manager doesn't work. Firefox saves the password and the user name I enter in the form but If I clear the browser cache and visit again the forum, password and user name are not automatically entered in the form by Firefox - so I have to manually enter both of them each time. Regards, N. System Info: Windows XP Pro SP3 Firefox 5.0
  5. Hi ZZZ7, After it unfreezes, try right-clicking any program in the Programs list to access the context menu. Then just untick "Autosize columns": Perhaps this could be useful in some way. Regards, N.
  6. Just wondering if it could be helpful setting the DNS Client service to "manual" and then try using Ccleaner...
  7. Thank you for your reply ITPython. I've been using dual-boot XP for many years now but always with OA installed only on one of the two systems. The reason why I'm asking that question is because I read this recent thread. Cheers, N.
  8. Hi, I have 2 different hard disk drives, both with the same OS (XP Pro SP3 32bit). I choose which one I'd like to boot via System BIOS (and that one becomes "drive C:" each time), so both these XP boots are completely independent of each other. Can I install OA in the suggested default folder on both systems/hard disks (e.g. C:\Program Files\Online Armor for both) or should I change the destination folder for one of them? I asked the same question here but I've received no reply. I'm asking this because I'm going to create an image (Macrium Reflect) of one of the hard disk and then restore that image on the other hard disk. Thanks, N.
  9. What if I have to different hard disk drives, both with the same OS and security software installed? Can I install OA in the default folder on both systems (C:\Program Files\Online Armor)?
  10. Hi MadEinstein, Have you tried adding Avira Antivirus to OA's Exclusions and OA to Avira's exclusion list as previously suggested by stapp? You will need to include also sub forders in both those exclusions.
  11. I might be wrong, but as far as I remember if you have used a trial key for a previous version, you are not "eligible" for the 30 day trial any more on your current system. No matter which version you are trying to evaluate. However, one of the moderators will answer you as soon as possible. Cheers, N.
  12. Hi dennisthearmor, Have you added AVG to OA's Exclusions and OA to AVG's exclusion list? Just in case, you can find more information on OA's Exclusions tab here. Please, don't forget to tick the box on the left to include subfolders. Cheers, N.
  13. Agree with both of you. At this point I don't think it's related to other software either. When I download and install OS updates using Microsoft Update and put OA in Learning Mode, I also completely turn off my AV (Avast!). However, until now I wasn't completely sure that it had no effect on this issue. Peter2150, you are a moderator - do you know if the developers are aware of this problem?
  14. Thank you for your reply, judson. Could you please post in this thread your system info (especially security software and any other important application that runs in the background)? I'm not totally sure it's a bug and I'm trying to figure out what may cause this issue...
  15. Hi, Each time I download and install OS updates from Microsoft update, I put OA in Learning Mode. However, after rebooting the system in order to complete the installation process, OA doesn't remember the Learning Mode and runs in normal mode. Sometimes, when I reboot the system for a second time, OA resumes Learning Mode without any input from the user. In my father's Laptop this issue occurs regularly during Microsoft updates and started with OA version 4.x In my system (same software, different hardware) this problem occurs only sometimes though. This doesn't occur in any way when I update my other security software (Avast! Free) or other software with OA in Learning mode. It occurs only during Microsoft Updates as far as I know. Any user with the same issue? System Info: -Windows Pro SP3 (32 bit) -Avast! Free AV 6.0.1125 (Behaviour Shield removed) -Online Armor Free *Security software mutually excluded -No other software running in the background except for HostsServer (HostsMan's component)
  16. Yes I understand what you meant to say. I thought that writing again the software I use might be useful to those users who take a quick look at this thread Cheers, N.
  17. OK, thanks again Lynx. I was referring to Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner (Emsisoft Emergency Kit Version Cheers, N.
  18. Hi JWC, Was the heuristic scanning enabled?
  19. Hi Lynx, I updated to the latest version soon after having posted my message. No flaggings for 32bit CurrPorts v1.91 (mine was v1.90). At this point I think there's no need to submit that False Positive. Thank you, N.
  20. Hi I'd like to report a false positive but I don't know where exactly I should post my message... I just did a full scan with the Emergency Kit Scanner (euristic/archive/ADS scan enabled - virus database up to date) and it found this: C:\Programmi\CurrPorts\cports.exe / Trojan.Win32.CPorts.A!A2 CurrPorts (NirSoft)is version 1.90 on XP Pro sp3 Thanks and sorry for my English, N.
  21. Hi Woomera, While waiting for some advice from more experienced users, you could check if all components of Samba Share are trusted in the Programs List. Both Boxee Box and the external hard drive connected to the Boxee should be trusted in the Computers List (you can right-click any device in the Computers list to access options including "Trust"). You said that Boxee Box appears as being "Trusted", please check also your external hard drive. If you stream files from the hard drive on your computer to the Boxee, you may need to trust also your own computer in the List (although I'm not sure about this). You could try also enabling active subnet scan in Options/Firewall. After changing the settings, try restarting your computer. Cheers and sorry for my English, N.
  22. Hi blue.lake, just curious, is "Enable active subnet scan" ticked in the Options/Firewall Tab? Regards, N.
  23. Hi Fotyc, Have you added AVG to OA's Exclusions and OA to AVG's exclusion-list? Please, when adding AVG to OA's Exclusions don't forget to tick the box on the left side to include subforders. Regards, N.
  24. Hey Koosharem, Just in case you will try another install, don't forget to boot into Safe Mode and uninstall from there. You should also reboot twice before reinstalling. Cheers, N.