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  1. With regard to the free version, I was wondering if Online Armor's whitelist is updated via automatic updates when checking for updates?
  2. [OT] Alternatively you could check once a day: Calendar of Updates
  3. Are you running Zone Alarm Free along with OA? Are you running Sunbelt VIPRE along with OA I don't use Sunbelt VIPRE, but as far as I know there's a HIPS driver in VIPRE. Different HIPS drivers are not compatible. I'm not sure if users have the ability to uninstall the VIPRE HIPS driver though. However, you should also consider that the leftover components could be cause of problems. Anyway, having more than one firewall or HIPS software installed on your computer will cause unpredictable issues - but you probably already know this. Regards and sorry for my English, Nick
  4. Hi, TLEM Network Services is an abbreviation for "(T)al(L) (EM)u Network Service". It's part of OA's firewall. While waiting for more technical (and helpful) replies from other members, you may be interested to read this old thread on the old forum, although it refers to a pretty old version of OA on a different OS (it's just to get an idea): Regards and sorry for my English, N.
  5. Perhaps it's better to enable Learning Mode before taking Sandboxie out of the Exclusions and restarting Windows... EDIT - I posted my reply before reading your last message.
  6. Hi Jose, I've never used Sandboxie, however, I know it can draw a colored border around active windows: hXXp:// hXXp:// You probably already know those options - so I apologize if my suggestion will be useless. Regards, N.
  7. Yes, you should. Moreover, when I uninstall OA I always boot into Safe Mode, and uninstall from there. Before reinstalling, it's best to reboot twice as suggested by Catprincess, because Windows takes two reboots to completely uninstall any drivers. Regards, N.
  8. The OP seems to use the free version and unfortunately the Hotkeys tab is not available in OA Free.
  9. Hi pandorax, I'm sorry you're having several problems with OA. You seem quite familiar with the operation of OA, so I'm sure you have fully trusted uTorrent in the program list. Have you enabled firewall logging? I'm asking just because logging should be turned off when using P2P clients. Regards, N.
  10. I'm not sure if you have already done so, however, have you tried adding EAM (including subfolders) to OA's Exclusions and OA to EAM's exclusion list?
  11. Hi pandorax, Just wondering, is Chrome set to RunSafer? Perhaps running it in normal mode may help...
  12. Recently I've been having a similar issue using my brother's laptop. I turn on Learning Mode but after restarting the PC, OA is in normal mode... However, this doesn't happen always and unfortunately I cannot reproduce it. In the past it happened also with the previous version of OA Free. System Info: Win XP Pro SP3 Online Armor Free Avast! Free 6.0.1091 Security software mutually excluded Regards, N.
  13. Yeah, I'm from Sicily! B) Glad to hear you solved your issue with Twitter. Cheers, N.
  14. I don't know anything about Twitter, however I just clicked on the link provided at the end of this recent Emsi's post: This is how the address format appears in Firefox 4: Hope it could be helpful, N.
  15. I can confirm that also in my case the graphs at the top of the screen seem to be always correct, even when other data are totally "unreal".
  16. Actually there's something wrong with the Firewall Status. I've been checking it for a while now and I just noted this: The table in the middle of the status panel (the one showing programs that have created connections on your computer) shows wrong values for eMule: both the download speed and amount of data are not real. The "download speed" for eMule should have been 33.00 KB/s - not 980 KB/s!! As a consequence also the amount of data reported by OA is totally wrong. Upload speed is correct. However, I think this does not happen often... only sometimes. System Info: Win XP Pro SP3 Online Armor Free Avast! Free 6.0.1091
  17. EDIT Please, see this post/thread:
  18. Although I'm not sure, I think the OP alternatively could disable those two Windows XP Pro services: - Universal Plug and Play Device Host (Black Viper's description) - SSDP Discovery Service (Black Viper's description) It's important to note that as a result Windows won't be able to detect and automatically configure UPnP devices on the home network. However, this shouldn't be a problem if the OP doesn't use a router/is not behind a NAT firewall, as stated before. Regards, N.
  19. Perhaps that would be fine for a "behaviour blocker", not for a strong HIPS - IMHO. Me too and that's exactly the reason why I'm using a HIPS software. Regards, N.
  20. I use eMule. When I check the OA's Firewall Status and the Emule's GUI (Statistics tab), both the speed and amount of data per session are very similar - in other words, only slightly different. Not an issue in my opinion ; )
  21. Unfortunately you can only apply OASIS settings to all programs. You cannot just apply them to specific programs or paths.
  22. Content filtering in Web Shield has been removed as explained by Catprincess in this post: Also, I posted a link that describes the new Web Shield functionality in this other thread you've started recently: Regards, N.
  23. The new Web Shield - now called "Domains" - works in a different way than the old one. Perhaps it is working properly also on your system. You might check the new features by visiting the link provided in my previous post.
  24. Hi Henrique - RJ, Windows XP Pro SP2 is not supported by OA Version System Requirements: Online Armor currently runs on Windows XP SP3 (32bit), Vista SP2 (32bit) and 7 (32bit & 64bit). Content filtering in Web Shield removed The content filtering aspects of the Web Shield were removed. They were introduced at a time when essentially all browsers lacked control over active content or your private information. Times have changed though and most modern browsers actually do a far superior job now than the Web Shield ever did. Therefore we decided to remove the content filtering from the Web Shield which will result in better compatibility and network performance. ( You can read more on the "new" Web Shield here: Best Regards, N.