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  1. According to the Ice Buddha site two out of three of OA .dll files use ASLR, and DEP protection. The third .dll file does not use ASLR, or DEP protection. None of OA .exe files use ASLR, or DEP protection. How hard would it be to make OA use ASLR, and DEP protection? I checked AppGuard which I also use, and it uses ASLR, and DEP protection.
  2. Does Online Armor support ASLR? Maybe it would be more accurate to say does Online Armor use ASLR?
  3. I could be wrong, but I don't think there is an option to set a domain as not trusted. I think the only option is to Trust, Block, or Protect the domain as you have already stated. Maybe Fabian knows some way of doing this, but I do not think it is possible. I always thought the only options really needed would be to Trust, Block, or Protect a domain. I'm not sure what the advantage would be to set a domain as not trusted. Do you think that option is needed?
  4. Thanks for the info Fabian! After reading the documentation it seems that the webshield still provides phishing protection for banking websites without any configuration on the user's part by checking the DNS against your bank's known good DNS. Will the webshield protect me from phishing attacks against my bank's website without me configuring the webshield? I think Online Armor's HIPS along with Appguard's policy based application isolation technology would prevent BITS attacks from ever occurring.
  5. Exactly what protection does Online Armor Webshield offer? Does it filter HTTP traffic like a traditional Antivirus would? Does it use a blocklist of malware domains? How does it work?
  6. The fiddler logs should reveal the problem, but i'm curious as to what Firewall you use. Do you use Windows Firewall, or do you use a third party software firewall? I have had application rules in my firewall stop working or become corrupt in the past. I had to delete the application rule from my firewall, and then create a new one. I've even had to do this with Window's Firewall before. Does this build fail to update on all your machines? Do you use the same firewall on all your affected machines?
  7. LOL, Bitdefender is not known for being light!! I hope the engine by itself is a lot lighter than the complete product!
  8. Noobie, maybe you was not using google or Gmail during the time frame the incident occured or you have EAM configured not to update as often as those affected. Maybe you was still using an older definition file.
  9. Like I said EAM's Surf protection is very paranoid. Its not a problem for me alone, but when i'm consuming my time with unblocking websites for friends, and family that I have recommended to use this product it then becomes a problem. It makes me look bad, and it can keep them from getting their work done. Maybe I just need to do some adjustments with the settings, but what does Emsisoft recommend? I don't want to kill their protection while i'm at it. Sometimes its hard to find that balance of productivity vs security. Regardless, I believe EAM is a great product! Just needs some fine tuning on what appear to be false positives in many cases in reference to blocking websites.
  10. I had the same problem today. I installed EAM on my mother's PC, and several friends. They all had the same problem today with Google search engine being blocked. I wasn't too concerned because I knew it was a false positive, and I knew it would be fixed shortly. I recieved a popup from EAM myself saying that it blocked a suspiciouos host which I believe said Google News. I allowed it to block it because I did not think it would affect google search. I was then notified that Googles DNS was being blocked. The problem has already been fixed on the PC's I looked at. I believe EAM blocks way too many legiate sites. It seems to be extremely paronoid. What is the criteria that EAM uses to decide when to block a site or suspicious connection? It blocks some sites that I regularly visit, and I know to be safe. I have all surf protection shields set at default. I haven't changed any of them. I wonder if I need to do some custom configuring to avoid so many false positives.
  11. Is Emsisoft Anti-Malware still compatible with most other AV's? I use NOD 32 I've tried it on a test machine (W7 x 64) with NOD 32, and it seems to be working fine so far. I even have Webroot secure Anywhere (only AV without FW) installed on that same machine. If it is compatible then how is it able to accomplish compatibility with other resident / proactive shields? I understand Webroot Secure Anywhere (formerly Prevx) is designed to scan each file just after the user's AV has already scaned the file so that the two are not fighting to scan the same files at the same time. Does Emsisoft Anti-Malware use the same method as Webroot Secure Anywere for compatibility since they are both designed to work with the user's AV to add an additional layer of security? If that's the case i'm wondering how WSA, and EAM are not fighting with one another since they are both designed to scan each file just after the user's AV has already checked the file. Is there any documentation on how EAM is able to maintain compatibility?
  12. Is Emsisoft Anti-Malware & OA++ compatible with other AV's? I've been using OA premium for years now, but I have never tried OA++ or Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Also there is a thread over at Wilders that is raising concern that OA++ may not be compatible with NOD 32 which is the AV I use. Users are shying away from trying OA++ because of this so it would probably be helpful for Emsisoft staff to answer their question in this thread -http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=300598 Thanks in Advance!
  13. I had not noticed that before. That was what I was looking for. I just thought there might be an option to access it from within the UI. That will work! Thanks a Million!!
  14. I'm not sure what you mean about there being a show Firewall Log in the system tray. Could you take a screen shot of it, and post it here. I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing.
  15. I have Logging enabled to show all blocked events in the options menu, but OA is not showing blocked connections in the history viewer. Is this expected behavior or could this be a bug?
  16. I know OA has logging for allowed, and denied actions for programs, and etc.. in the history tab accessible from the UI, but I can not find anywhere that OA will allow you to view allowed, and denied connections from the UI. I found some logs by just manually navigating to the log folder in the installation folder. Can these logs be pulled up in the UI without having to navigate manually to the installation folder? The logs in the installation folder are showing blocked connections by the Firewall, but they are not showing up in the history tab accessible by the UI.
  17. Thanks Cat Princess that worked! I'm going to compare this file with the other text file that would not work, and see what the difference is. The other text file I was trying to add to the blocklist was much larger.
  18. I'm downloading it directly from the site. I don't use the blocklist manager.
  19. I tried copying the list to notepad, and saving it as a .txt file, but i got error about it being in the wrong format. I must not know what i am doing. I will try again tonight, and post exactly which error i am getting.
  20. Yes Stapp, i got your message. I get an error screen telling me something like the format is wrong when I try to do that. I will try again tonight, and report back exactly which error i am getting.
  21. Thanks for all the replys guys! I'm sorry for the late reply. I had some emergency come up that I've had to take care of the past few days. Yes, catprincess that is one of the ones i tried to add. I get an error message from OA as shown in the screen shot below.
  22. Thanks for the advise, but I already use that blocklist. I'm needing to block Tor exit Nodes. Any suggestions? I could use Peerblock, but I would rather make my own custom list. If i use peerblock then it blocks a lot of IP addresses that I do not want blocked. I would like to be able to use some of the blocklist from Prosecurity, but none of them are in OA format. For example is there an easy way to convert the blocklist called badpeers from Prosecurity into an OA format? -http://blocklistpro.com/download-center/
  23. Is there a guide on the forum on how to create custom block list for OA? I tried creating one, but OA could not read the format. I was saving it as a .txt file. Is this correct? It would be nice if i could see a guide or example for doing this. Thanks in advance!
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