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  1. xeon

    CLOSED Beta 2018.10.1.9026

    Running good. 👌 Replying late, because this web site now requires all ad blockers to be turned off. 🤬
  2. Steam is becoming google/ms, so sad.😒 Tracking and telemetry. But the majority of sheep wont care. 😁
  3. I sure it will be resolved.
  4. Found a work around: Have to add C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe to exclusion list (monitoring). Seems to work. I leave auto updates off for this reason, and back up before. I thought taking away the firewall they would be more focused on EAM. Going back to last version. Don't want Steam not monitored.😒
  5. Re-imaged 3 times to make sure it is EAM. After updating to 2018.9.0.8961 "Steam" ( C:\program files (x86)\steam\steam.exe) will not start. Windows 7x64
  6. xeon

    CLOSED Beta 8894

    Those crazy icon are making me dizzy. What is the bell icon for, a phone-call ringer? 🤢
  7. xeon

    CLOSED Host files b8750

    Working with 2018.7.2.8843.
  8. xeon

    CLOSED Host files b8750

    Will do! Thanks
  9. xeon

    CLOSED Host files b8750

    Manually. The imported list that was removed because of major slow-down on verge of a crash, never had the problem of notifying . Just these seven or so manually added ones.
  10. Added a couple of rules yesterday set to "block and notify". Today they are set to "block silenty" Bug maybe? Win 7 x64 A side note; Had to take a big list file that i added off, took forever to enter a new rule. After set to defualt (host rules) it was faster.
  11. I like my computer to be a closed book, not for any prying eyes. If it is not possible, I will try my best. "Hate" Crime? All crimes are backed with "hate", what a laugh. I guess it is called a "like/love crime" to assault, burglarize, rape someone of your own race, or gender, for example? But I digress.
  12. I am concerned with privacy and most people should too. I just hate when the people who don't care (about privacy) always try to bring it down to the lowest common denominator.
  13. What has "child pron" have to do with this topic, Sicko.
  14. I understand Emsisoft doesn't collect that information, but what about " SQLite file left behind by anti-virus vendors has profound privacy implications." ? Thanks