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  1. Home page shows Eset Firewall, I am using WFC10. Uninstalled ESET with Revo uninstaller. Must be picking up a stray reg entry or file, where does EAM look to detect a firewall? I am using EAM beta 2020.10.0.10437 on Win 10
  2. xeon

    beta 9681

    No logs required, just install and see.
  3. Adguard does not filter with EAM Surf-Protection on, AG's "Log window" is empty. Works when Surf-Protection is off. Windows 7 64. Have logs if needed, upload fails.
  4. xeon

    beta 9681

    I have windows "firewall service" disabled. Works on it own. "You can switch the Built-in Firewall ON or OFF at your option due to complete product independence." To me that is third party.
  5. Quote: The overview screen now shows your current firewall status, be it the Windows built-in firewall or a third-party product. I use Sphinx Windows 10 Firewall Control Not shown in EAM. Should be shown This is not a front end firewall for windows.
  6. Your the best. Thank you!
  7. Does EAM "surf protection" remove duplicate address? If I import a host file, will it remove an address if it is already in the built-in list? Or, If I import two of my own lists will it take out addresses if two are the same? Thanks Sorry if this has been asked before.
  8. Seems to be working fine, just that one day it was acting up.
  9. "We are hiding the build-in hosts for the same reason as we hide signatures. This is internal stuff and has no added value for users." No value for dummies, is this what you think of your users? 😒
  10. "We are hiding the build-in hosts for the same reason as we hide signatures. This is internal stuff and has no added value for users." No value for dummies, is this what you think your users are?😒 I remember when OS Armor was bought out by you, the owner said it would be the greatest piece of software, WRONG! Man, how can you wreck a piece of software. Sorry, but that's the truth.
  11. I would rather have "broken sites" than trackers. Easy to allow them, if needed. Only reason I stay with EAM is "SURF-PROTECTION" Can't use your extension. Will not upgrade to the latest Firefox, and will never use Chrome or Edge browsers.
  12. Running good. 👌 Replying late, because this web site now requires all ad blockers to be turned off. 🤬
  13. Steam is becoming google/ms, so sad.😒 Tracking and telemetry. But the majority of sheep wont care. 😁
  14. Found a work around: Have to add C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe to exclusion list (monitoring). Seems to work. I leave auto updates off for this reason, and back up before. I thought taking away the firewall they would be more focused on EAM. Going back to last version. Don't want Steam not monitored.😒
  15. Re-imaged 3 times to make sure it is EAM. After updating to 2018.9.0.8961 "Steam" ( C:\program files (x86)\steam\steam.exe) will not start. Windows 7x64
  16. Those crazy icon are making me dizzy. What is the bell icon for, a phone-call ringer? 🤢
  17. Working with 2018.7.2.8843.
  18. Manually. The imported list that was removed because of major slow-down on verge of a crash, never had the problem of notifying . Just these seven or so manually added ones.
  19. Added a couple of rules yesterday set to "block and notify". Today they are set to "block silenty" Bug maybe? Win 7 x64 A side note; Had to take a big list file that i added off, took forever to enter a new rule. After set to defualt (host rules) it was faster.
  20. I like my computer to be a closed book, not for any prying eyes. If it is not possible, I will try my best. "Hate" Crime? All crimes are backed with "hate", what a laugh. I guess it is called a "like/love crime" to assault, burglarize, rape someone of your own race, or gender, for example? But I digress.
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