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  1. Does EAM "surf protection" remove duplicate address?

    If I import a host file, will it remove an address if it is already in the built-in list?

    Or, If I import two of my own lists will it take out addresses if two are the same?


    Sorry if this has been asked before.

  2. "We are hiding the build-in hosts for the same reason as we hide signatures. This is internal stuff and has no added value for users."

    No value for dummies, is this what you think your users are?😒

    I remember when OS Armor was bought out by you, the owner said it would be the greatest piece of software, WRONG! 

    Man, how can you wreck a piece of software.

    Sorry, but that's the truth.

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  3. Added a couple of rules yesterday set to "block and notify". Today they are set to "block silenty"

    Bug maybe?  Win 7 x64

    A side note; Had to take a big list file that i added off, took forever to enter a new rule.

    After set to defualt (host rules) it was faster.



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