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  1. I am concerned with privacy and most people should too. I just hate when the people who don't care (about privacy) always try to bring it down to the lowest common denominator.
  2. I understand Emsisoft doesn't collect that information, but what about " SQLite file left behind by anti-virus vendors has profound privacy implications." ? Thanks
  3. Can this tactic be used with EAM? https://www.csoonline.com/article/3268813/antivirus-software/law-enforcement-uses-anti-virus-software-to-recover-suspects-web-history.html
  4. "Code/digitally signing" like using an umbrella to stop missiles, big money maker that's all.
  5. Possibly on the first sentence. On the second, i have not defined any rules.
  6. Now that is interesting about Chrome being monitored.
  7. Thanks for the explanation. I would think this is a minor bug; "This is a system process and therefore monitoring is not supported." Thanks GT500, you explained a lot.
  8. Being a browser I would think everything that can be monitored. It is not a system process.
  9. I want to monitor, but you see... EAM version 2018.1.0.8407
  10. Same here, but I do get the explanation point in the wfc icon, then the message it cant connect to wfcs. Putting it in the exclusions is useless, EAM still says verifying/unknown. They have to make a way to exclude WFC or any program correctly. And I don't want EAM looking up every program I use, because I know they are safe. That feature is off.
  11. Very good, I rarely use JavaScript only to access forums. But I tend to like blocking every that is not needed, and this has kept me secure over the years.
  12. I think I mentioned before it is more of a monitor then a firewall.
  13. Then why recommenced WFC? Then behavior blocking is mostly relying on certificates? Thanks.
  14. Well if Emsisoft recommends WFC, make no sense to not trust sig or not. I put no trust in sigs anyway!. I do see a way to allow all behaviors, I click allow all behaviors is is still verifying .
  15. You recommend WFC4, but why is behavior blocker always showing "not verified"? Always returns to not verified every-time a re-boot. How can I make it trusted? Sometimes the icon will not start, I believe this is the problem. Screen-shots:
  16. (cryptographic currencies) Are these added to EAM surf protection? If not, it would be a great option to add in surf protection for example: like the PUP hosts (Block and notify, Alert, Block silently, Don't block).
  17. GlassWire is a monitor not a firewall, you saw those commercials (I think by life lock?) Windows firewall is giving your personal information away via telemetry, don't let any one tell you different. Free is not free, you become the product. You really should be nervous, a controller wont help. Tried Zone Alarm Pro (paid for version) and they slammed me with an ad in the Pro Veraion with key entered. No brainer got my refund. Really nothing left as far as a firewall, because they (EAM) will catch more without. So F- ing sad.
  18. So when exactly do I need to switch? Comodo stinks by the way. Another collector of personal information, with ads throw in. The so-called sandbox stinks compare to SBIE.
  19. Will I be able to use EIS (firewall) even though no updates, with just updating the EAM portion? Love the EIS firewall, not looking forward to using a complicated Windows firewall.
  20. Software bloat, that could be put in positive ways, such as network monitor. So I am confused, why spend time putting code in a program/installer that could just be posted (Like software update history blog) . Just asking. Thank you.
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