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  1. "New: General warning for possible compatibility issues with other already installed Anti-virus/Anti-Malware programs, during installation." Where/what list for people that don't install regular? I would like to know compatibility issues without installing. Could you post one? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the important information.
  3. Just butting in, I use Winscribe and never had any problems. DNS service disabled, even worked fine when enabled. Never had to open ports. Works like a charm for me. Sorry to hear about yours.
  4. Thank you, restored to a image couple of weeks ago, installed beta and all is good. Don't want to take chances Thank you!
  5. I would like to install beta 6/16, cannot change update settings. Probably best to restore image before things changed (broken).
  6. Yes , Firewall issues, now after the "component missing" is fixed . Just seems slow with , sometimes no connection @ all. Why did you try to fix something that was not broken (win7 64)? I know broken win 10, what a mess. These last two updates were hideous. Working fine for two years, now broken. Thanks a lot. .7583 By the way, sent logs over and over.
  7. There seems to be a little bit of an internet connection problem, might not be EIS. This last release you focused maybe on W10 too much?
  8. Running good now. Restored image to when problem first happened (Adguard, ExeRadarpro, Appguard) did the fix, EIS works like it should. Works good on other computer with HMPA. Is it good to leave on (skin.ini) or wait till an update? Updates are off for now. Thank you.
  9. The Skin.ini works now. I installed VoodooShield, MBAE, no messages. Only re-booted twice to test, looking good.
  10. This morning I got the message again nothing but Appguard installed, rebooted was ok. This EIS version is causing the problems. Will try "fix" after work tonight.
  11. I have seemed to woked it out. Their was conflict with Adguard, after uninstalling no problem. Adguard use to run fine with EIS. My other computer seems (I haven't work on it yet) Hitman Pro Alert would be the logical problem, I have seen posts about HMPA and EIS having the same trouble, but using the stable version HMPA.
  12. Re-booted 3 time on both computers still got the message. Their is no firewall protection at all when this happens NOT GOOD. They always put out these so-call hot-fixes at the end of a work-week then if you get screwed have to wait till next-week.
  13. .7567 and previous version is not working with MBAE MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit any more. Windows 7 64. Was working fine before the last two updates. I am guessing conflicting with Hitman Pro Alert, EXERadarPro or Appguard Says a component is missing please reinstall EIS, Restored to .7538. Will have to live with the EIS brown/grey icon saying "out of date" Tried this http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/farbar/FRST64.exe Cannot get any connection to download when cmd window opens. I can restore to .7567 OK, but after re-booting problem appears. This is on two computers.
  14. I ran MBAM3 on win7x64 no problems as I could tell, and Adguard with WPF driver on all at the same time. Maybe just a theory?
  15. That might be it. I don't think so. Give it a try. MBAE.txt
  16. You can PM me for the ini. file. I do not use MBAE anymore replaced with VoodooShield, either way no conflicts.
  17. You probably have in SBIE "configure/ software compatibility" Emsisoft A-Squared Anti-Malware checked [+]?
  18. Cyberfox shown in photo, also Palemoon, SRWare Iron. Do not use IE. Never had any problems with surf protection no matter what version of SBIE. If I did I would have dropped SBIE. Now using 5.17.1 (64bit) Maybe the issue is in newer Firefox versions, which I don't use?
  19. Surf Protection works for me sandboxed, Windows7 64.
  20.  Finding this not new but Germany, and probably most countries in that sector, thanks to our failing politicians in office, hates our guts: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2708531/No-not-Russia-Egypt-comes-Middle-East-heavy-list-countries-hate-U-S-theyre-loved-Philippines.html Will have to rid my computer of Emsisoft, might not find any thing better but since no people from the company replied... Very sad all ways around. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2708531/No-not-Russia-Egypt-comes-Middle-East-heavy-list-countries-hate-U-S-theyre-loved-Philippines.html
  21. What about: "Germany to spy on U.S. for first time since 1945 after 'double agent' scandal" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2685461/Germany-spy-U-S-time-1945-double-agent-scandal.html Will us Americans be able to trust Emsisoft now? Kind of like NSA reaching into (backdoors) of American security products. Just a question in this day and age of spying.
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