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  1. Just installed RC2 and tried out the SCW. It's still getting stuck on .lnk files when it's scanning the startmenu The SCW was working fine in version wich is the version that I am still using. All the versions that came after that had an annoying bug in SCW that would cause it to freeze when it was scanning the startmenu. Will this problem be fixed in the near future? I'm using Win 7 32 bit version.
  2. Hey all, just upgraded to OA 5.0 premium and wanted to see if the Safety Check Wizard was fixed in this release. When I start it I see 2 lines of text. Busy... Wait a minute... It's not getting to the actual scanning part. Is this a bug or can you only run the SCW when you do a clean install? Meaning that you 1st uninstall the version you have and then install the new version.
  3. So, your saying that I should set my Gateway(router) to trusted aswell? I've un-trusted my interface btw.
  4. Hello, I have got a couple of small questions about what the most safe setup is for the Interface tab and Computers tab. Atm, I have my Interfaces setup as trusted. And in the Computers tab, I have my Gateway(router) as unknown. Same for the rest of the computers in that tab. Is there any need to set my Gateway as Trusted or Not-Trusted? I also have a NAS that I have setup as unknown. Same question for my NAS. Everything is working just fine btw. Only wondering if there's anything that I can change to make my network more secured.
  5. Hey all, I am wondering whats the deal with the SCW atm. I have upgraded from to the latest version in the hope that it was fixed. It wasnt so I reverted back to It keeps stalling when it's scanning the start menu. In version I had no problems whatsoever with the SCW. I'll be waiting with upgrading again till it's properly fixed. Using windows 7 32 bit version and Online Armor Premium