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  1. Thanks, Arthur, but from what I checked (this morning) about Glasswire, it does not support XP so I'm not going to begin fussing with it. I removed OA Premium this morning (what's another few months?) and will look into other alternatives (or just using the Windows firewall). Since I rarely ever use XP for any online activity of any kind, the point will be kind of moot. (Using Chromebook for virtually all online activity these days.) If you could, Arthur, perhaps you can freeze and preserve the time remaining on my two licenses so it will be available to me should I continue with a Windows product down the line.
  2. That is disappointing to hear. I thought that you'd at least be able to use the free features available (without the benefit of the black / white list updates). Since my license won't expire until well after they no longer update OA, I certainly hope I will be able to continue using the app in at least a limited fashion. If not, I probably would be much less inclined to patronize Emsisoft in the future (as I have maintained more than one license with them for several years) should I move on to another Windows platform. EDIT TO ADD: I just read Arthur's reply which was posted as I was typing. While I understand what he is reporting, it is disappointing nonetheless.
  3. Thanks for that update re XP, Fabian, as that is precisely the setup I currently use with OA and would be using with EIS until the time comes when I decide to augment my chromebook with a newer so called "real" computer OS.
  4. I downloaded and installed via Stapp's link and all was fine.
  5. I had the same warning (twice) and decided to wait to install a future version of CC since there was nohting monumental in regards to my system in this release. Good that OA is ever on watch.
  6. Fabian, I only have Web Sheild running in real-time, (despite it's not working within Sandboxie and its redundancy with other layers of protection in place), due to its BITS job protection. Is it worth keeping it enabled for just this one particular feature if other web related activity is protected via other security layers? Thanks in advance. Always appreciated.
  7. I had some issues with 1866 when installed on top of the old version but it has run just fine after a clean install on my XP Pro SP3 (32 bit) setup.
  8. I've never used the colored borders on my system so it wouldn't apply in my case. Can't speak for any other setups.
  9. Nick makes a good point. I only put FF into run safer mode after installations are completed. That said, it does revert to run normal oftentimes on its own after various events, such as certain plug-ins being employed (Flash, etc.) and other instances that I can't specifically identify. This never used to happen until relatively recently. (WIthin the last year or so.) Fortunately the Sandboxie setting for drop rights does not have the same issue.
  10. I got one about 6.35 yesterday evening.
  11. Fabian, I've said it before and will say it again...thank you for both the information and always providing an honest and thoughtful response. (If only such were the norm throughout the industry.)
  12. I get the occasional alert (I have plug-in container set to "ask" under the keylogger tab) and I ordinarily just "block" the request (current session). I can't remember the last time that prevented whatever I was doing from working properly. In the event that it causes a failure, just reload and allow the alert if it's not something you have reason to be concerned with. (I've noticed in past months that if Firefox and Thunderbird aren't allowed permission as "keyloggers" that they will not update properly via the site menus.)
  13. Frequently bank sites use multiple IP's, some of which the trusted DNS server used by OA may be unaware of. I have come across this myself and was informed of this by either Arthur or Fabian.
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