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  1. I noticed this morning that when I had the keylogger permission blocked for Thunderbird that I could not check for updates by going to "help", "about Thunderbird", "Check for Updates". When it was re-enabled I was able to do so. I deleted the OA keylogger permissions for Firefox last night so we'll see when it next resurfaces. As I recall, "Plug-in Container" asked for the permission about a week or so back while trying to run a video. If I didn't give it permission it wouldn't run. I don't recall the other specific instances where within Firefox.exe itself the permission was requested or needed. Hopefully one of the Emsisoft folks can tell us more and whether there are any concerns on our end.
  2. Hi Arthur... 19.0.2 Installed right after it was announced as far as I know. (I also recently upgraded to the latest beta of Sandboxie as well. Not sure if that could have some hand in this.)
  3. I know that many legitimate programs are identified as key or screen loggers by OA so that we are aware of potential issues and have the opportunity to deny this activity if we choose. I can remember Firefox being identified in the past as a "keylogger" but since about a week or so back I now see it also identified as a "screen logger" as well. I don't recall seeing this previously. Has something changed with Firefox or is OA now identifying a characteristic of Firefox that was there all along but not alerted to? Would just like to ensure that this isn't indicative of any potential breach of security especially when I log into a financial institution via "Banking Mode" (and utilize Sandboxie.to enhance security). Thanks in advance. I continue to be hugely impressed by the tandem of OA & EAM.
  4. Thanks for chiming in, Arthur, always appreciate your input. My main concern is not "infection" as such as I feel that the tandem protection of EAM / OA & Sandboxie renders that moot for the most part. (I realize nothing is 100% certain.) Rather my concern is the potential for theft of information when visiting more "sensitive" sites such as those connected with the financial / banking realm. (I do use "banking mode" for the most part when visiting such, by and large.) Please feel free to expand upon your thoughts should you desire.
  5. Thank you for the reply, Christian. I've been using NS for years but I'm always hoping I won't need to continue with it someday (due to the need to temporarily allow content on various sites that is otherwise blocked).
  6. Was wondering what the Emsisoft folks thought about the necessity (or utility) of running NoScript when protected by EAM and OA. (I realize that OA's "web shield" is rendered nonfunctional by Sandboxie.) Does EAM protect against the same sorts of browser exploits as NoScript or is NoScript still deemed necessary as an added layer of security? Thanks for your insights.
  7. Mine updated last night around 8 pm local time, Nick. Glad to see it's "all systems go" once again. Feel free to PM me directly if you ever need to compare notes.
  8. I had noticed this as well, Nick, since the morning of the 16th. I figured I'd wait a few days to see if there was an update. Thanks for bringing the matter up here.
  9. I agree with Kevin. I only add Sandboxie to EAM and OA in real-time. And though I have pro or plus licenses for apps like WinPatrol, MBAM (and even SAS) they are only run on demand as needed. Frankly, I think EAM, OA, Sandboxie and a reliable imaging program cover all the bases for virtually any eventuality.
  10. Thanks, Fabian. Just wanted to ensure that everything is as it should be. Today is a month since I installed the current version of OA (Premium) and I can't tell you how happy I am to report that it is working as well or better than ever. There was a period there when I feared that I'd never be able to return to my original and favorite Firewall/HIPS. I'm happy to state that that is no longer the case.
  11. Just curious if I am the only one that hasn't had an update to a2wl.dat since the evening of the 16th? Wanted to make sure that there wasn't an issue on my end since it 'usually' updates daily. Thanks in advance.
  12. My pleasure. Glad it's working for you now.
  13. You may want to have a look at this thread and also follow the "banking mode" instructions here.
  14. Hitman Pro is a nice addition to have on hand for an on demand scan, but it isn't essential. I tend to use it a couple of times weekly and the benefit is that it causes no conflicts with EAM. I have no knowledge of or experience with Trojan Remover.
  15. No, not at all...I would pretty much allow anything that MBAM requested since it's a trusted security app...but, that said, I have found that by excluding security apps from one another it can prevent potential conflicts. So, if you don't want to exclude the apps from one another, just allow the action.
  16. Personally, I would exclude the MBAM folder via the "options" settings. I always exclude other security products....Emsisoft Anti-Malware, MBAM, Hitman Pro etc. Once excluded, the app will be allowed to do its thing without being supervised by OA. (I also exclude the four running processes of OA within MBAM.)
  17. Thank you sir. I am in your debt. Happy New Year to you and yours.
  18. Everything appears to be working, Fabian, thanks to you. I did have to add some new sites to the "domains" list which weren't included on my previously saved sites. (When I added verification sites I "learned" them as well, per your instructions regarding verisign.) From a practical point of view, is there any difference between how "protected" and "trusted" sites are treated in "banking mode"? In other words, does it make a difference how you label them in the domains list? And if so, should only the main site, such as "ABC-Bank.com" be listed as "protected"? Thanks again. I will have a toast in your honor this evening.
  19. Okay...good news, Fabian. By "learning" those three entries, (which I had already had in the domains list but not "learned" separately), I was able to open and access the site I wanted. I'll try my other financial sites in a little while and see if I have to do the same with other sites. (I'm importing my old domains list to see how it goes.) Worst case, I'll try the "default" setting if I can't get things working. Thank you so much, Fabian for your assistance with this.
  20. Fabian, interestingly enough, I had already added those sites via your original instructions. I just tried "learning" them and I'll test it that way first. If that doesn't work, I'll report back after I try the "default" setting you suggested. Back in a few minutes.
  21. I also have the setting "when a server requests my personal certificate: ask me every time"
  22. Fabian, If you saved the URL's, would you send them to me in a PM and I'll add them to my domains list? (I didn't save them from the other day.) I have a feeling that the extensions may be the problem as I was unsuccessful when trying to connect outside of Sandboxie when I tested as well. This will help us narrow it down.
  23. In the default box...only Firefox is allowed to connect to the net and only Firefox and Plug-In Container are allowed to run. (I also have some restrictions as to files that would be off-limits to access but none of them would have anything to do with OA. They are primarily documents and personal data.) Do you think that any Firefox add-ons such as No-Script, Ad-Block Plus, or HTTPS Everywhere / HTTPS Finder might have caused the issue? The only ones that weren't run in the past when I was successful at using Banking Mode are the two HTTPS extensions. I should have time to experiment a bit with or without the extensions this afternoon.
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