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  1. Fabian, I'll send you a PM as I'm reluctant to discuss any banking or financial sites publicly.
  2. If there are any additional fields from the certificate info that you feel might be added to get the sites to function properly in banking mode, please let me know and I'll test them this week.
  3. Thanks, Fabian. The unfortunate wholesale granting of certificates without proper vetting has really broken the integrity of the system. It will be interesting to see how this evolves going forward. I appreciate your willingness to discuss and share your expertise on these issues with us. It's certainly a fine line (for the average user like myself) to find a happy medium where security, functionality and ease of use can coexist.
  4. Make sure that "new network discovery" is checked under the "firewall" tab within "Options". Also, check your "computer" and "interface" tabs under the "Firewall" menu and ensure that you have set the proper permission and trust level. After you do so, you might want to either close OA and restart the app...or else reboot. Let us know if that works for you.
  5. Reference the following thread: https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/9981-emsisoft-internetsecuritypack-and-zemana-antilogger/ Fabian, In light of the information you provided in the thread referenced above...given the effectiveness of EAM & OA (Emsisoft Internet Security) in protecting against Man In The Browser attacks, do you recommend Firefox browser extensions that enforce connections to SSL / HTTPS where available? Are they needed or do they provide additional security? (The specific extensions I am discussing would be HTTPS-Everywhere (including its SSL Observatory) and HTTPS Finder). Or, do those extensions provide useful protection against Man In The Middle (as opposed to MITB) attacks which Emsisoft Internet Security does not already address? Frankly, as you recommend in the referenced thread, I'd rather pare down the potential duplication of coverage and possible conflicts when and where possible, and if these sorts of extensions are superfluous, well then they can be dispensed with. The only fly in the ointment that I can see (potentially) is the failure of OA's Web Shield to function properly within Sandboxie. But I'm not sure if that would be a factor or not in your answer. Thank you for your time and info.
  6. Update:: Fabian, I had some time this morning to test the instructions you provided above. To avoid any possible issues with writing down the URL's, I copied and pasted the info directly into the "domains" list via the "add" button. Unfortunately, this workaround failed. I made sure to copy all entries from the two fields you specified but still got the "Secure Connection Failed" alert. Since we have previously discussed my own particular circumstances regarding the need for "banking mode" privately, I am not overly concerned about my own situation but wanted you to know that the workaround was unsuccessful.
  7. Thanks, Arthur. Everything continues to run smoothly.
  8. Fabian, I sent you a PM with a request for some info. I'll look forward to your reply. Thank you.
  9. Thanks, Fabian. I'll give it a shot as I have the opportunity in the coming days. I very much appreciate the detailed reply.
  10. Fabian, perhaps this matter is now better discussed over on the Online Armor side of the forums? If so, can you move it as I await your thoughts on the matter. Thank you.
  11. Here is the message I get, if it's any help:
  12. It's interesting, Fabian, because what prompted this whole thing was my intention to begin using Banking Mode again as I used to do in the past with earlier versions of OA. (Up until the beginning of this year.) Unfortunately, for some reason, banking mode is not working properly for me either after having imported my prior list of protected and trusted sites or after adding the sites anew via the "learning" process (while in advanced mode). It may be that something in Sandboxie or a Firefox add-on is causing the issue but it's reached the point that I can't seem to narrow it down to the specific issue causing the problem. I can successfully add the sites in learning mode but when I switch back to banking mode and connect I'll get a failure to obtain a secure connection notice. If I switch back to "advanced" mode, it's fine. As I say, it's probably a function of either something in Sandboxie or an add-on in Firefox. Only OA Premium, EAM and Sandboxie are running in real-time on XP Pro SP3. Otherwise, OA is working perfectly as far as I can determine. EAM doesn't use a proxy does it? I do have it excluded within OA. (But I just tested it without the exclusion with the same result.)
  13. I posted this question on the OA side of the forum as well but since it applies to both programs, I thought to ask it here as well... Do you recommend, if running OA in tandem with Emsisoft Anti-Malware, to ignore the OA Domains List? EAM already has surf protection built in and I know that certain aspects of the OA Web Shield don't work within Sandboxie (while EAM seems to be fully functional within Sandboxie). I also use Norton DNS if that info is of any assistance in responding to my question. Thanks in advance.
  14. Do you recommend, if running OA in tandem with Emsisoft Anti-Malware, to ignore the OA Domains List? EAM already has surf protection built in and I know that certain aspects of the OA Web Shield don't work within Sandboxie (while EAM seems to be fully functional within Sandboxie). I also use Norton DNS if that info is of any assistance in responding to my question. Thanks in advance.
  15. Four days and no sign of the old oasrv.exe issue. Looks like OA 6 may have fixed the issue. My sincere thanks to the entire Emsisoft staff.
  16. Thanks, Nick. Good to see you again.
  17. 1. No. A certificate is not a perfect guarantee of safety. (This is why it's often wise to scan digitally signed apps or check for information on VirusTotal or Jotti.) 2. A problem can occur but according to Emsisoft, they update both the whitelist and blacklist very regularly. In this way, if a previously trusted (digitally signed) app was later found to be malware or unsafe, the certificate would be blacklisted and (I believe) the entry in your programs list would be amended to show the change of status. Hopefully one of the staff will be along to provide further details.
  18. Hey Cat, Arthur and company... Yesterday I installed the current version of OA after having had to (regrettably) leave due to the excessive CPU issues that I and others experienced with oasrv.exe in the past. (Running XP Pro SP3 here.) Anyway, after a bit over a day...so far, so good. No CPU issues thus far. My overall CPU and RAM usage appears to be very much in line with where I was using a couple of alternative firewall/hips over the past several months. Keeping my fingers crossed that this time I can stick around since my loyalty and use of the app goes back to the Mike Nash "Tall Emu" days. Thankfully, when I was having the prior trouble and had to uninstall, the good folks at Emsisoft were kind enough to credit my "premium" license toward my existing EAM license so I didn't lose out financially. (My continued thanks for that. EAM is a great product that just gets better.) Anyway, here's hoping for a successful reacquaintance...wanted to pop in, say hello and wish everyone "Happy Holidays".
  19. Perhaps no direct help since I use XP Pro SP3, but I successfully run EAM 7 (non beta), Comodo Firewall & MBAM Pro without any issues. I frequently run without MBAM Pro in real-time since I'm not totally convinced it's necessary with EAM...but nonetheless they all play nicely together on my system.
  20. I use them together on XP Pro SP3. (Comodo Firewall 5.10 only & EAM with all guards active in real-time.) Works great here.
  21. No problems with EAM and Sandboxie on XP Pro SP3. An excellent combination imho that has been working together seamlessly for me.
  22. I never get a peep out of the behavior blocker for Windows Updates (or other well known apps)...could it be as a result of the Community Based Alert Reduction being set at 90%? I do get the occasional response from the BB for less well known (more obscure) programs.
  23. You see what I mean? That's the kind of excellent service I'm talking about. Well done, Christian.
  24. John, are you running the free or paid version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware? The paid version has the behavior blocker (Mamutu) as part of the installed program. I think that is the reason why you cannot have both installed on your system simutaneously...due to the potential conflict caused by dual installations of the same app. Perhaps Emsi can do something such as crediting your Mamutu subscription toward the paid version of EAM (by extending the license?) if you are currently running the free version. Just a thought. I have found the folks at Emsi to be quite helpful when called upon for assistance. Hope it works out.
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