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  1. Okay, nevermind: I reloaded OA to run a few tests...tried both excluding Sandboxie and not excluding Sandboxie as well as running the browser within and outside of Sandboxie. The (high) CPU issues remained regardless. Guess I'm just going to have to finally face up and admit to the fact that OA no longer plays nicely on this system as configured. Thankfully, EAM does not exhibit any of the same issues even with all guards enabled so I should be able to continue with it for the foreseeable future on my XP Pro SP3 machine.
  2. Andrey, are you recommending that the "Sandboxie folder" (in "program files") be excluded within Online Armor? I'd never read that advice previously. I know that Sandboxie has a configuration setting to make it more compatible with Online Armor, however. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts on this. Perhaps this is something I'd overlooked with my own high CPU issues while running OA on my system over the past year or more.
  3. I'm no expert, laudel, but if it were me I'd get rid of Zone Alarm's firewall and keep online armor. (Remember only one.) OA is a much better choice imho. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't share that with you (and I have no connection to either company).
  4. EAM is a great anti-virus/anti-malware package with the bonus of a behavior blocker and surf protection. I'd have no reservations in using it as my sole anti-malware option. As Siketa mentioned, you'd still want to add firewall protection to the mix and OA (free or paid) is an excellent option.
  5. Many thanks again to Davlat for his kind assistance today. Not just great security apps but great folks providing the support as well.
  6. Thank you, Daviat. I'm going to send you an email presently.
  7. Thanks for your thoughts, Carduelis. Hopefully someone from Emsisoft will chime in with some official information.
  8. I have just under a year left on my EAM license. My question is...if I see an extraordinary deal available online for a three year license, is there a way for me to take advantage of the offer now? How soon would the new 3 year license need to be activated? (I'd hate to waste the license I am using currently but would like to take advantage of the offer if possible.) Thanks in advance.
  9. If I only had to choose one it would be OA's HIPS but I've been pleasantly surprised that the two of them seem to peacefully coexist on my XP Pro SP3 setup. (I do have EAM excluded in OA and OA's four running processes excluded in EAM though not everyone feels that it is (or finds it) necessary to do so.) If in time I have to disable one, it would definitely be the behavior blocker as the HIPS via OA is a more sophisticated tool and also controls OA's anti-keylogger functionality which is very important to me. Opinions may vary.
  10. Just wondering whether the "Surf Protection" extends to the email client (Thunderbird) the way that AdBlock Plus does as an extension within Thunderbird? Thanks in advance.
  11. Arthur, in regard to your your answer, do you feel it is better to leave off the mutual exclusions by and large? I have tended to exclude real-time security apps from one another based upon admonitions I've read on these forums in the past. (The question is not intended to finger point or stir controversy, just meant to get perspective.) Thanks for your help as always.
  12. Brian, Just a quick note to let you know that I have used those exclusions myself (for mbamgui.exe and mbamservice.exe) within EAM and have seen no conflicts. I also exclude the two running processes of EAM and the four for Online Armor within Malwarebytes.
  13. Will do, Arthur. Thanks for the help both here and on the OA side.
  14. And thank you all for the timely help I have come to rely on.
  15. We're good to go. Everything appears to be working as it should. Thanks again.
  16. I'll try a normal uninstall and reinstall first and report back. Thanks, Arthur.
  17. Do I need to use any special removal tools? Or just normal uninstall and then reinstall?
  18. No good, Arthur. After I rebooted I got a "memory could not be written" alert on my desktop for one of the processes but I couldn't capture an image properly. Any thoughts? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall or any other ideas? HMP was not running though WinPatrol Plus was. However EAM is allowed to start etc.
  19. Arthur, I just noticed / remembered that I had a2 service set to "manual" in winpatrol...so let me reboot once more and see if that has any effect. i can't think of anything else that I may have ever turned off. Be back in five minutes.
  20. I had been running EAM Free for some time and today installed a one year license into the "free" version. The license was accepted and everything seems to be good in terms of automatic updates, Surf Protection, Behavior Blocker all being able to be turned on or off. However, for some reason I cannot get File Guard to go on. When I click it..it seems to go on for a fraction of a second and then go off. Can you give me suggestions as to what I should do? I am running XP Pro SP3, OA Premium and the apps in my sig. At one time (early on while running EAM Free, I blocked the three a2 services from auto-starting within OA. However, I have enabled them all and rebooted a few times and still File Guard will not start. I can't find anything which is blocked. (I can auto download updates and scan on demand.) a2 guard, service and start are running in task manager. Your assistance is appreciated.
  21. No, I meant the hosts file that I was updating via HostsMan. The one on my system...not the OA GUI section.
  22. Thanks, Cat. That's what I have...32 bit XP Pro SP3. Truly appreciate your sharing the info.
  23. Hi Cat, thanks as always. You and I experimented in the past and determined that #2 doesn't work when the browser is opened with Sandboxie. (We used a website you provided for testing.) I'm guessing that #3 would be performed outside of the sandbox so it shouldn't be an issue with Sandboxie. Do you have any idea whether #1 works in concert with Sandboxie or is it just safer to assume that none of the Web Shield features work with Sandboxie? (I do know that "Banking Mode" works with Sandboxie...but I believe you once explained to me that it is not dependent on the Web Shield for it to be operational.) Thanks for any additional info you can share, Cat.
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