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  1. Since Arthur so quickly answered my "Hosts File" question, I'll take a shot and see if I get lucky going two for two. I am aware through this site and Sandboxie's forum that the Web Shield does not function properly when the browser is run under the supervision of Sandboxie. I fully understand and accept the limitation. If it gets "fixed" in the future, even better. As a result of that limitation I have checked the box to "ignore OA's domain list" since I always browse via Sandboxie and have other protections in place for browsing (per my signature, DNS and browser extensions). I keep the Web Shield enabled (even understanding the limitations I stated above) in hopes that I'll be: 1. Protected by the Web Shield when I have to start the browser outside of Sandboxie...such as in the case of updates and the like. 2. BITS job protection Am I correct that "ignoring OA's domains list" will not prevent the protection in 1 and 2? Is the "domains list" just a whitelist (similar to a hosts list) of sites that OA has deemed safe? Thanks in advance for the help and any recommendations (if any).
  2. Thanks, Arthur. Your assistance is always appreciated. I am very familiar with WOT and agree that it is a very useful extension.
  3. With DNS, IP / Website screening etc is there any problem with just disabling the hosts file? (One can easily enable or disable via programs such as HostsMan.) For some reason it seems that OA runs better when I disable the hosts file. I still have protection through Firefox add-ons (adblock plus etc), DNS and other 3rd party anti-malware. (See my signature.) Thanks for your thoughts. I couldn't seem to find a definitive answer on the net and figured I'd go to a more trusted source of information. (I am running Windows XP Pro SP3.)
  4. It reverts to the "free" version with all the functionality of that edition of the program.
  5. I'm getting the same message. It hasn't been able to update since just before 11 a.m. this morning. It was fine up until then.
  6. sorry to report that the "relief" was short lived and the symptoms of high cpu usage have returned.
  7. dallas, I read your post a while ago and it stayed in the back of my mind until I had a chance to draw upon it today. I'd been having some issues (again) with oasrv.exe exhibiting high cpu usage which resulted in my fans making a racket. When I reinstalled yesterday I was still not satisfied with how everything was going but today I decided to experiment a little. Like you, I've always had the two programs excluded from each other at the "folder" level. Today I added the four running OA processes from the task manager as file exclusions within MBAM. It may be wishful thinking and it's too early to say anything definitive but it "seems" to have had some positive effect. We shall see as time goes on. (I am running XP Pro SP3 on a 17" desktop replacement.)
  8. I had a similar virus/malware warning from OA today when attempting to install an update to Adobe's Shockwave plugin. Tried it twice with same warning popping up from OA advising that the installation should be aborted / blocked (which I did since I didn't think it worth risking).
  9. Thanks, Cat, I too have the same MD5 and file size on my installation of
  10. Makes purr-fect sense, Cat. Hopefully we can get some confirmation on the md5 hash so we can verify whether we are up to date or not. Thanks for chiming in.
  11. I did a clean install of OA (Free) three or four days back. It appears that a2wl.dat is being updated nightly around 11 pm local time. (If the a2trust.dat file has been updated I've seen no indication since the fresh install.) As of the time of this post, here is what I have for each: a2trust.dat: fcbaeda2193291712a7158f353052d87 a2wl.dat: 7c7643f82a675574d0c0f7396df60ce1 AFAIK, you don't need to disable the blacklist option for it to be updated, this should be automatic. Nick and I disabled it so as to not have OA make decisions based upon (possibly) obsolete data.
  12. Any further info regarding when the last time the "trust" file was updated? I'm still showing November 1 for "trust" though "a2wl" was updated again last night just after 11 pm. (As a result I've taken the same step as Nick has in disabling the option to automatically trust programs with "valid digital signatures".) Thanks in advance.
  13. FWIW, I'm showing that "trust" was last updated on 11/1 whereas "a2wl" was last updated this morning. (Running XP Pro SP3) I hope that this is current?
  14. Hopefully one of the many beta testers will be able to work with you to help nail down why this issue is arising for some of us out of the blue on the two most recent versions of OA Free.
  15. Interestingly, the a2trust.dat file on my wife's version of OA Free shows "last modified" September 28, 2011. The a2wl.dat file shows "last modified" 10/25/11 at the time and hour that I rebooted the machine after its being off since the morning of the 20th. (She is running XP Pro SP3) (Both my files show "modified" 10/19/2011 at 1.42 pm)
  16. For what it's worth, I looked at my wife's OA Free version "1331" (which has not yet been updated to the latest version) and her files haven't been updated since the 25th of October when we got home after being away since the 20th. The most recent file was created on the 19th as reported above. So the issue is not restricted to the most recent version of OA Free.
  17. I seem to be having the same issue with the current free version of OA. a2wl.dat comes back as ff88d2f07212338473d26c1a879f99eb a2trust.dat comes back as fcbaeda2193291712a7158f353052d87 (as in your example above) Is there a fix? (I downloaded and installed the current version over the top of the prior version a day or two back. Running Win XP Pro SP3 with the other security apps in my signature)
  18. No discernible issues here. XP Pro SP3. Everything appears to be working smoothly.
  19. Thanks, Fabian. I guess I'll wait then as I don't seem to be experiencing any issues currently.
  20. Fabian, if one is running the "free" version of the beta, will clicking the "update" button in the "status" menu download the new version?
  21. Thanks, Fabian. I do have a thread open over there...either way, OA & Sandboxie are two of my "cornerstone" apps. For now I have "Web Shield" disabled to save on resources and potential conflicts. If Tzuk comes up with a solution, all the better. Thanks again.
  22. And I am, as always, in your debt for your assistance CP. (I've alerted Fabian to this discussion via a link in the "beta" thread. Perhaps he'll have some comments.)
  23. Just for the record, I verified that OA blocked connection with the website when the browser (firefox) was opened outside the sandbox. So, would we gain anything (resources, prevent potential conflict etc) by just deactivating Web Shield when accessing the web via Sandboxie? (I am running the latest beta of OA Free on Win XP Pro SP3)
  24. Apparently it's not the case. Would you please have a look at the following thread, Fabian, and then add your thoughts and comments please? I don't want to derail the "beta" discussion and that thread would be helpful to myself and others. http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/5154-web-shield-sandboxie-a-couple-of-questions/ Thank you in advance.
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